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2020/10/05 - Version 8.2: Enhanced MySQL Plug-in

October 5, 2020

Dear friends! We are glad to tell you that a newest update of Handy Backup to version 8.2 is already available to download from our website! It contains several enhancements, including the drastically updated MySQL plug-in with support of MySQL 8.x.x and different password authentication schemes.

Read more about version 8.2.

2020/08/18 - Version 8.1.3: Enhanced WebDAV with UTF Support, Optimized Internal Algorithms

August 18, 2020

Dear customers! We release an update of Handy Backup to version 8.1.3! This version contains an enhanced WebDAV plug-in with UTF support, a slightly renewed Task Wizard, and over the three hundred of optimizations for different algorithms and features.

Read more about version 8.1.3.

2020/02/25 - Version 8.1.2: Enhancing NAS Connections and Upgrading Centralized Installation Features

February 25, 2020

Dear friends! We are updating Handy Backup to new version 8.1.2! This version continues the process of upgrading and enhancing NAS backup capabilities and also provides additional features for the new centralized installation option for Network Agents

Learn more about version 8.1.2.

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