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Version 7.6.1: Supporting Outlook 2013 and New Setup Features

November 04, 2014

Dear friends! We are glad to say the new version of Handy Backup is ready for download. In the version 7.6.1 the full supporting of Outlook 2013 is realized, along with many other features and possibilities!

  • Backing up Outlook 2013
  • Faster and more informative installation
  • Many languages added to the list of localizations

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Version 7.6 Released

September 26, 2014

Dear friends! The Handy Backup team unleash a new level of functionality adding timestamp backup with a release of new version 7.6. Users can completely control the backup timeline, automatically adding the versioned backup information to backup folder names.

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A New Version 7.5.2: Advanced Backup Monitoring/Reporting and Adding Yandex.Disk to Data Storages

August 18, 2014

Dear clients! The hot as summer, new version of Handy Backup data-keeping software marked as version 7.5.2 is available now for downloading from our site. Under this update the next set of features is available:

  • Advanced backup monitoring/reporting through E-mail notifications with all crucial data appearing in themes of mails
  • Adding Yandex.Disk cloud service to the standard list of data storages

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A New Version 7.5.1: Cleared User Interface, Revised MS SQL and MySQL Functionality, New Speed of WebDAV

Jule 15, 2014

Dear friends! We are glad to bring you the hot update of our popular Handy Backup data-keeping utility designated as version 7.5.1. With this update brings some new features explained below:

  • Refined user interface
  • Restoring MySQL data to non-existing databases in a single click
  • Improved stability of Microsoft SQL Server
  • Growing speed of uploading data to Yandex.Disk using WebDAV

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New Version 7.5: Extended Reliability of Disk Image Copying and Expanded Functionality of Database Backup

June 02, 2014

Dear customers! We are glad to bring you the fresh update to version 7.5 of our popular Handy Backup utility. This version contains some significant improvements, opening the next level of possibilities in the area of backing up!

  • Fail-proof disk image backup
  • MySQL remote databases are available via IP addresses now
  • Modernized functionality of PostgreSQL feature

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Version 7.4.8: Enhanced Interface and Data Saving Scheme

April 09, 2014

Dear friends! We are happy to announce that a new version of the software has just been released. Version 7.4.8 brings the following improvements:

  • Enhanced GUI;
  • New data saving scheme;
  • Facilitated support of other data types and storage places.

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Version 7.4.7: Advanced Multitasking, Speed Improvements and Much More

Febrary 25, 2014

Happy to tell you that we have launched version 7.4.7. Here’s what you can find in the release:

  • Advanced Multitasking
  • Enhanced support of Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012
  • Smart file masks for creating custom backup sets
  • Speed improvements in network editions of the software

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Version 7.4.6: Ultimate Database Backup Edition

Janury 26, 2014

Dear friends! We are happy to tell you that Handy Backup has recieved a comprehensive update of database backup functionality.

Here is the list of database plug-ins that are enhanced in Version 7.4.6:

  • IBM (Lotus) Notes
  • IBM DB2
  • MS SQL
  • PostgreSQL

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