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Version 7.20: System-driven Restart for Windows Service!

December 25, 2018

Dear customers! Happy Christmas for you, and let you have a good news about our updated Handy Backup 7.20! This new version has a function of system-driven restart for Windows service mode and allows backing up unlimited quantity of emails with a renewed E-mail Backup plug-in!

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Version 7.18: Email, MS SQL, Hyper-V Plug-Ins Updated

October 30, 2018

Dear friends! We just released an update of our popular Handy Backup! The new version 7.18 contains such improvements as renewed E-mail Backup plug-in, utilizing internal compression for Microsoft apps (Hyper-V, MS Exchange and SQL Server) and a possibility to connect with a server with empty password!

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Database and Email Backup Software

Version 7.17: Update Your Disaster Recovery Utility!

September 18, 2018

Dear customers! Let us present you the newest Handy Backup 7.17! Along with many small internal updates dedicated for optimization, it provides an access to a renewed version of the Disaster Recovery utility based on Slax 9. This utility supports almost all actual hardware in exist!

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Recovery Drive

Version 7.16: Updated Plug-ins for Email and Network

August 05, 2018

Dear friends! Meet our new Handy Backup update to version 7.16, with renewed and optimized plug-ins for network and email backup! Updated tools contain completely renewed algorithms making your backup actions even faster and more reliable than earlier! In addition, this is an advanced searching option for network backup in the Network plug-in.

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Email Backup to NAS

Version 7.15: New S3 Plug-in and Mixed Incremental Backup

Jule 09, 2018

Dear customers! We update Handy Backup to the new version 7.15. This new version contains a dedicated plug-in for S3 backup to any cloud service that supports this protocol, and also provides an incremental-based mixed backup method for saving data in a cycle.

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Backup to S3 Clouds

Version 7.14: Updated E-mail and Database Plug-ins, Enhanced Task Triggering by System Events

June 25, 2018

Dear friends! Let us introduce the newest update of Handy Backup to the version 7.14! In this new version, we add a bit more efficiency and speed to such plug-ins as Database for backing up ODBC-driven databases, and E-Mail for mail backup. In addition, we enhance the interface for triggering tasks by a system event, such as user logon or logoff.

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Mail and Database Backup Software

Version 7.13: Renewed WebDAV Plug-in and New Internal Browser

May 28, 2018

Dear customers! We are upgrading our Handy Backup software to the version 7.13, which contains an internal browser for creating connections to different Web resources more quickly and comfortably, as well as the completely renewed WebDAV Backup plug-in, now based on the advanced Neon library!

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WebDAV Backup Software

Version 7.12: The OneDrive for Business Plug-in

April 21, 2018

Dear friends! Our popular software has a new update to the version Handy Backup 7.12, which contains the brand new, dedicated "OneDrive for Business" plug-in! By using this plug-in, you can easily backup and restore OneDrive for Business accounts, saving all the information containing on these accounts anywhere there you want!

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OneDrive for Business Backup

Version 7.11: Renewed Email Plug-in with Even More Mail Services in Support

April 14, 2018

Dear customers! We are presenting you the hot new version of Handy Backup! This version 7.11 contains the completely renewed Email Backup plug-in with many additional automation and security options, allowing this plug-in supporting even more web mail services than before, with minimal efforts!

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Version 7.10: The New Dedicated Gmail Plug-in

March 25, 2018

Dear friends! Let us present you the newest update of Handy Backup to the version 7.10.0! This new version contains not only traditional enhancements of stability and speed but also the completely new, highly automated plug-in “Gmail” for backing up and restoring Gmail accounts.

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