Version 8.5.2: Dropbox Business Plugin Added

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January 23, 2024

Dear valued customers, we are pleased to introduce the new version of Handy Backup! As part of the 8.5.1 update, we have added a plugin for interacting with the Dropbox Business* cloud service.

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* This specialized plugin provides you with the flexibility to secure your Dropbox Business account in your preferred location. Whether you're backing up your data to an alternative destination, restoring specific information from a previous backup, or using Dropbox Business as a destination for various backup tasks and datasets.

Dropbox Business Plugin

Dropbox Business Backup plugin empowers administrators to seamlessly back up files within work and personal folders of team members, ensuring a comprehensive and secure data protection strategy. By logging in through the workgroup admin account, users can efficiently manage and safeguard critical data within the Dropbox Business environment.

Dropbox Business Backup Settings

This user-friendly plugin seamlessly integrates your Dropbox Business account into Handy Backup, treating it as any other cloud storage option, akin to Google Drive Backup or a standard Dropbox account. This empowers you to:

  • Back up Dropbox Business account data to an alternative location.
  • Restore or clone your backups to Dropbox Business just like any other storage.
  • Synchronize data between a specific Dropbox Business account and other storage options.
  • Use Dropbox Business as a secure vault for backups from other data sources.

The latter option is particularly appealing, as Handy Backup stores unencrypted data copies in their native file formats. This allows you to utilize these backup files directly from your Dropbox Business account for tasks such as browsing, editing, deleting, or manually restoring file copies.

The "Dropbox Business" plugin boasts the same user-friendly interface for connection and usage as most other cloud services in Handy Backup. No special skills or knowledge are required to take advantage of this plugin. Simply update your Handy Backup to version 8.5.1 or later, and effortlessly harness this brand-new feature to meet your backup needs.

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