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2021/12/07 - Version 8.3.3: Server version improvement and updated algorithms of data recovery

December 7, 2021

Dear customers! Let us introduce the new version of Handy Backup 8.3.3, which improves the work of the server solution and contains updated algorithms for restoring data to a new directory.

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2021/10/08 - Version 8.3.2: Enhanced Plug-in Performance

October 8, 2021

Dear customers! We are glad to tell you that we update our Handy Backup 8 Solution! The new version 8.3.2 contains an updated Czech localization of Handy Backup, as well as enhances overall plug-in performance and stability, including the WebDAV Backup plug-in!

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2021/08/12 - Vers.8.3.1: Enhanced Backup Storage Procedures

August 12, 2021

Dear friends! Let us present the renewed Handy Backup 8.3.1 update that you can download from our website just now! The key features of this new version are the advanced backup storage engine allowing more efficient removing for obsolete files and the upgraded WebDAV plug-in, which allows enhanced connectivity to more cloud storage services than before!

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2021/06/21 - Version 8.3: Renewed Leak-Proof Memory Engine and Setting Temporary Folders via GUI

June 21, 2021

Dear customers! You can already download the renewed Handy Backup 8.3 from our website! The update uses a new memory engine with removed leak problems for data of any size and type, as well as allows temporary folder setup for workstations directly via the graphical user console!

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2021/05/20 - Version 8.2.4: Enhanced Usability, New Installer and Updated Long Log Processing

May 20, 2021

Dear friends! We just released the updated Handy Backup 8.2.4, and you can download it now! In this version, we provide some enhancements for a graphical interface and additional comfort for using long logs. In addition, the version 8.2.4 contains a renewed installer that will be quicker and a bit more convenient than earlier versions.

Learn more about version 8.2.4.

2021/04/01 - Version 8.2.3: Optimizing Cloud Plug-ins, Eliminating Problems with Registering

April 1, 2021

Dear customers! We are glad to say that you can download the updated Handy Backup 8.2.3 from our website! The new version enhances and speeds up algorithms of cloud connectivity and data exchange. The version 8.2.3 also optimizes program start in some situations, including eliminating some problems with registering a program after the trial period expiration.

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2021/03/01 - Version 8.2.2: Enhanced compression algorithms

March 1, 2021

Dear users! We update Handy Backup to version 8.2.2, which contains a renewed library of compression algorithms to speed up this function, and provides an updated installer that configures the Windows firewall automatically for 64-bit versions.

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2021/01/18 - Version 8.2.1: Updating PostgreSQL and Computer plugins

January 18, 2021

Dear users! We have released an update for Handy Backup - 8.2.1. The new version has updated algorithms for the plugin for backing up PostgreSQL databases. We added the ability to clear the backup storage folder for the Computer plugin, as well as a number of other changes and improvements.

Learn more about version 8.2.1.

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