Hard Disk Mirroring Software

Hard disk mirroring is a process of creating an exact synchronized copy of HDD data. Sometimes it is called synchronization, as it can be used to keep contents of two local or remote locations in sync. To perform this procedure, you need to use a special HDD mirroring software, such as Handy Backup.

Version 7.5.2, built on August 20, 2014
22.5 MB, 32-bit (above) or 28.8 MB, 64-bit version

Hard Disk Mirroring

One-way Synchronization or Two-way Hard Disk Mirroring

The software allows selecting syncing direction: you can choose whether you want to copy one HDD to another, or mirror both disks. The latter requires you to define how to treat files with identical names and different contents.

Backup Filtering

Hard Disk Data Filtering

For files-based mirroring, you can enable synchronization of files with specific extensions only, e.g. MS Word documents, AVI videos, JPG pictures, etc.

HDD Cloning

Image-Based Hard Disk Mirroring

In addition to synchronization or folders, our software can also copy information on sector level, and create a complete HDD copy. Learn more about hard drive cloning...

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.5.2, built on August 20, 2014. 22.5 MB, 32-bit (above) or 28.8 MB, 64-bit version
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Home Standard

Try the basic software edition featuring HDD mirroring smart options (scheduling, mirror filter, etc.)

Mirroring Hard Disk Drives: Software Features

There is a frequent misunderstanding regarding hard disk mirroring software. Its primary function is preventing data loss, but it shouldn’t be considered as a substitute for backup software, because corruption of data due to virus attacks or user mistakes is interpreted as usual activity, which leads to the same changes on the mirror.

Generally, there are several reasons why you may want to mirror a hard disk:

  • Protecting Data from Hardware Failure. Having two identical hard disks allows switching instantly to the other disk in case of a failure of the first one.

  • Creating a Recovery Point. Generally, mirror backups are primarily used for synchronization, but if you perform syncing carefully, you can use the copy to recover hard drive, in case it gets corrupted or deleted.

  • Drive Load Balancing. In some cases reading data simultaneously from two disks can noticeably improve system performance.

  • Data Accessibility. Hard disk mirroring can be used for synchronization of network drives, thus providing access to data which for technical or security reasons can’t be accessed on the computer with original data.

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