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Hard Disk Mirroring Software

Hard disk mirroring means creating a copy of a hard drive on another disk (which will be a “mirror”). This action is a part of functioning of such popular hard drive mirroring arrays as RAID1 and RAID10. However, you can also mirror any drive using hard disk mirroring tools such as Handy Backup.

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The Principle of Automatic Hard Drive Mirroring

Hard drive mirroring software creates not a simple copy of all data from one disk to another. Instead, it copies a disk mirror on a physical level, sector by sector, reading and replicating an internal hard disk structure including file allocation tables, boot records and all the information stored on a drive.

Best Hard Drive Mirroring Software Features

These are some necessary functions for any hard disk mirroring tool, providing efficiency and stability. Handy Backup meets all these requirements, allowing scheduled, automated hard disk mirroring on a physical level, without stopping using a copied hard drive for other purposes during saving a mirror.

Image-Based Hard Disk Mirroring

Image-Based Hard Disk Mirroring

Automatic hard drive mirroring must copy the disk content information on a sector level, thus creating a complete and perfect physical HDD copy. Please learn more about hard drive cloning.

Scheduling Hard Drive Mirroring

Scheduling Hard Drive Mirroring

Disk mirroring software must allow automatic schedule for running tasks on a regular basis, by either a time (or an interval) or by an event occurred in the system.

Hot Hard Disk Mirroring

“Hot” Hard Disk Mirroring

To create a copy of a disk in use without compromising efficiency, hard disk mirroring tools must copy the drive content in a “hot” mode, e.g. without stopping using a disk by other applications.

Advantages of Handy Backup

  • Hot hard disk mirroring using the VSS (Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service);
  • Job by schedule allowing making a hard drive mirror by a period or by an event;
  • Making bootable images in a readable VHD format for mapping as virtual or VM drives;
  • Effective drive loading, protecting hardware and saving time during hard disk mirroring.
Automatic Hard Disk Mirroring

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Small Business

Version 8.0.6, built on 2 October, 2019. 105 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 249 USD per license.

Handy Backup Small Server

Best disk mirroring software for a single machine, the Small Server edition also allows creating backups for any other server-level or user data existed! Free 30-days trial version!

How to Use Handy Backup for Hard Disk Mirroring

To create a drive-mirroring task with Handy Backup, please follow the next instruction.

  1. Run Handy Backup and create a new backup task, calling a Wizard by a button on the panel.
  2. After the Step 1, select the “Disk Clone” option on the Step 2 by clicking on a “+” on it.

Select a 'System Recovery' Data Source

  1. Select the “System Recovery” plug-in by double-clicking on it.
  2. Mark the drive(s) that you plan to mirror by a checkbox besides a drive name.

Select Drive(s) to Backup
  1. Click OK and return to the Task Creation Wizard. Make all other task parameters step by step.
  2. When finishing, run a task or wait for a scheduled running.
  3. Now create a new restoration task. On the Step 2, enter into your storage of disk mirroring files.
  4. Find a file called backup.hbi and select it by double-clicking.
  5. In the appearing dialog, click the “Change location” button.
  6. Select a new drive to write a disk image mirror on it. Click OK and continue creating a task.

After you finish, all done! Your tasks will run as a pair, one creating a hard disk mirroring image and the next restoring this image into a different hard drive than an original. We will strongly advise to keep a big amount of space on the intermediate file storage where your mirrors lives before restoration!

The Disaster Recovery Utility

The Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR) utility provides another way for software hard disk mirroring. You can copy an entire drive to an external device containing a HBDR boot loader and then copy this drive clone to any other disk (including “bare metal” copying to a new or scratch PC).

Hard Disk Mirroring for RAID

Some RAID array configurations, for example, RAID1 and RAID10, mirror hard disks automatically; this is a principal function of these arrays. Despite that fact, you may need for “software hard drive mirroring” of your RAID to another location. Use Handy Backup for this operation, exactly as for a single drive!

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.0.6, built on 2 October, 2019
105 MB

Even without a RAID array, you can always create a mirror of your hard disk to protect or clone your data on a physical level.
Try Handy Backup freely during a 30-day trial period, making use for all its functions, plug-ins and advantages!

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