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Microsoft backup software encompasses a wide range of data-saving operations associated with Microsoft Windows, ranging from basic file copying to online backup of critical components such as the registry, libraries, or MS Outlook, to comprehensive backup of entire disk images.

Handy Backup is adept at handling all of these tasks securely and conveniently for users, serving as a reliable Microsoft Windows backup utility. Download the trial version and experience its capabilities firsthand!

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Windows Backup Software

Key Features of Handy Backup as a Windows Backup Utility

Unified Solution for All Data Types

Besides offering complete Windows disk image backup, which goes beyond typical Microsoft backup solutions, Handy Backup allows for the saving of various other Windows-related data types. This includes backing up files and folders, user libraries, the registry, and more.

Unified Windows Backup Solution for All Data Types
Choice storages of Windows backup

Wide Spectrum of Available Storage Types

Handy Backup offers the flexibility to store your backup files on various storage mediums. These include local storage options such as hard drives, external USB disks, and memory cards, as well as online backup resources like shared folders, NAS, FTP servers, and cloud storage services such as S3- and WebDAV-based platforms, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox.

Convenient Control for Microsoft Windows Backup Operations

Handy Backup offers easy control over any Windows backup task through its intuitive, classic-looking graphical user interface (GUI). You can configure task reporting via email, activate the program's "silent" mode to minimize distractions, schedule backup tasks using the backup task scheduler, automatically run other software alongside a task, and more.

Encrypting Windows backups

Basic Capabilities of Windows Backup Software

Handy Backup offers nearly all available functions, ranging from incremental, differential, and mixed backups of specific Windows data to complete encryption of drive copies. Among the essential features of this Microsoft backup tool are:

  • Inclusion and exclusion of files and folders based on system attributes.
  • Partial backup, including mixed backups, of Windows files and libraries.
Selecting the type of Windows backup
Windows backup, marked by version number
  • Preserving versions of Windows backups, distinguished by version number or timestamp.
  • Using a native format for unencrypted Windows backup files, enabling manual browsing and restoration.
  • Enable automatic Windows Backup Restore, which includes bare metal recovery through the Disaster Recovery tool, with the option for manual intervention if needed.
  • Executing other programs alongside Windows backup tasks to automate workflow and essential system maintenance routines.

Advantages of Handy Backup Compared to Windows Backup Solutions

Handy Backup offers significant advantages over conventional Microsoft Windows backup tools, particularly in the realm of flexible tuning and scheduling backup activities, as well as in the convenience of backup and recovery operations thanks to advanced control tools.

Note: You can freely use Handy Backup alongside standard Windows backup solutions without any additional restrictions!

The Cross-Platform Windows Backup Program

As a Microsoft Windows backup utility, Handy Backup seamlessly supports any modern version of Windows OS, including:

  • Windows 11 backup, the latest addition to the Windows family, supported by Handy Backup as a reliable Microsoft backup tool.
  • Windows 10 backup, the most popular desktop edition in the modern Windows world.
  • Windows 8 backup, Windows backup utility commonly used by many newer desktop and laptop users.
  • Windows 7 backup, known for its stability and continued popularity.
  • Windows Server backup, starting from Server 2008 (with R2) and including 2012 (R2), 2016, 2019, and 2022 editions.

For server editions, Handy Backup provides support for Win backup for applications processing server-level data:

Besides Windows disk image backup or separate data keeping, Handy Backup offers a dedicated plug-in for MS Outlook. This plug-in allows users to save emails, events, and contacts from this widely distributed component of MS Office.

Attention! In addition to these Windows backup tools, Handy Backup also provides a dedicated plug-in for online OneDrive automatic backup cloud service. This plug-in enables users to use OneDrive either as data storage or as a source for Microsoft backup!

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Version 8.5.5 , built on July 19, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

Experience Handy Backup as your Windows backup software by downloading a free 30-day trial edition equipped with all functions and plug-ins!

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