WebDAV File Versioning

The WebDAV protocol is an extension to the HTTP protocol, allowing numerous authors edit a single document at a time without altering each others' changes.

Since WebDAV is perfect for organizing team work, software that can back up WebDAV folders receives a lot of attention from very different types of users..

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Advantages of Distributed File Versioning

The main advantage is in itself: a group of authors can contribute to the same file while keeping the changes, made by other authors. This greatly simplifies collaborative work on numerous projects, where the work is done by a group of contributors.

Another advantage of distributed file versioning is that a contributor can apply changes to the files wherever he is. That is, WebDAV allows a world-wise disperse group of people work on the same document in a team. This also greatly increases the effectiveness of group collaboration

Yet another advantage of the WebDAV protocol regarding file versioning is that it is possible to set permissions to edit a certain file to the specified number of people. This greatly increases comfort during the working process, providing assurance than the document is edited only by those, who have full rights to do so.

Finally, WebDAV can be used not only for HTML, but for other media types, such as GIF, JPEG and others. This greatly increases the grasp of the protocol in the sphere of group collaboration. To put it in a nutshell, it is obvious that a group of collaborators, working on the same project, will reap the most benefit from the WebDAV protocol and greatly enhance their team work.

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