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WebDAV client is a program that supports data transmission via WebDAV protocol. Different software utilize WebDAV client functions for data-storing purposes, including such tasks as making a WebDAV backup client or allowing synchronizing a local WebDAV folder with some cloud account.

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WebDAV Client for Linux and Windows

WebDAV Client Types and Functions

The simplest classification for WebDAV clients is by system integration:

  • Native or built-in Windows and Linux WebDAV clients (i.e. Ubuntu WebDAV Server and Client).
  • Third party (e.g. WebDAV Linux client) software.

The main factors for choosing a client are: 1) Data transfer rate; 2) Additional features on the security and locking. The main problem of native clients is a relatively low data transfer rate, where the third-party solutions utilize different technologies to speed up transferring.

Examples of WebDAV Client Solutions

Here are the examples of WebDAV client Windows software solutions and Linux packages.

Windows WebDAV client software:

  • Windows Explorer
  • BitKinex
  • NetDrive
  • WebDrive
  • CarotDAV
  • DaviX

Ubuntu WebDAV client solutions:

  • Dolphin
  • Nautilus
  • Firefox
  • Cadaver

Cross-platform Windows and Linux WebDAV client backup solution:

  • Handy Backup

Utilizing Handy Backup for Using WebDAV on Linux

Handy Backup is a WebDAV backup client, allowing making an effective and secure WebDAV backup in both directions (i.e., onto a cloud or from a cloud account to some other storage)! Handy Backup is not only Windows backup software; it supports Linux WebDAV client protocols for Ubuntu-like distros.

Specify Backup Set  WebDAV

The location of a WebDAV plug-in is the Cloud group on Step 2. Select WebDAV plug-in by clicking on it, and then configure your WebDAV client parameters on the next dialog window.

WebDAV Configuration Settings

By using Handy Backup as WebDAV Linux client (or Windows software), you can utilize such functions as cloning and mirroring your WebDAV content (including automatic distribution of shared content), perfect scheduling, starting other software besides the WebDAV client, and built-in data encryption.

Note: You can install Handy Backup natively on any Linux distributive based on Ubuntu stable releases (such as using it as Linux Mint WebDAV client). Another possibility is to use a Java Network Agent for Server Network software that lacks a Linux WebDAV client GUI and works through a network console.

Features of Handy Backup as Windows WebDAV Client

Features of Handy Backup as Windows WebDAV Client

For Windows, Handy Backup has a bit more established plug-in system, allowing such things as saving disk images and MSSQL database backup on WebDAV, and just the same control options, with possibilities of incremental and differential backup to WebDAV clouds, storing versions, time stamps etc.

Linux Mount WebDAV Client Connection

Since WebDAV Linux protocol is very tricky, is not so easy to understand how it works under Linux. Here is a useful advice, how to set up connection to a WebDAV Linux server and client in a manual mode.

Note: All operations described below are for standard Linux WebDAV console client, not for Handy Backup or any third-party program solution!

First, you need to install the davfs2 package (here and below, the prefix "#" means root commands, and the prefix "$" marks [username]’s commands; as usual, [username] is a substitution for a current user’s name, without square parenthesis).

Then use the next command:
# modprobe coda

Test root mounting

  1. # mkdir /mnt/DAV
  2. # mount.davfs2 /mnt/DAV
  3. # umount /mnt/DAV

Allow users to mount the repository

  1. Add [username] to the users group, and re-logon as a [username] if needed
  2. $ mkdir ~/.davfs2/ ~/mnt/DAV/
  3. # cp /etc/davfs2/secrets ~[username]/.davfs2/
  4. # chown username: ~[username]/.davfs2/secrets
  5. Add the credentials to ~[username]/.davfs2/secrets following comments in there: username SeCret
  6. As root, add the following line in/etc/fstab: /home/[username]/mnt/DAV/ davfs2 user,noauto 0 0
    When it done, [username] also should be able to mount the repository using: # mount /home/[username]/mnt/DAV/

Thus, you can use Handy Backup as a WebDAV on Linux backup client, but this is only a small part of its powerful features. Also, find out how to Mount WebDAV Cloud Storage. Besides backing up your data, you can use it as a WebDAV client for Linux with your favorite cloud service.

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