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Handy Backup is empowered with the function of MS Access backup that allows easily MS Access backup database tables.

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Version 7.19.0, built on 8 November, 2018
164 MB

MS Access is used by programmers of all levels from beginners to professionals. The queries can be done both graphically and as SQL statements. MS Access is widely used in small businesses, corporate departments and by individuals.

MS Access Backup Software - Handy Backup

Handy Backup lets you automate backup MS Access database tables, allowing you to spend your time more effectively. It has the following features:

  • Run as Windows Service. You can always have your backups started on time, not depending on the user being logged on.
  • Save disk space. Our MS backup software features on-the-fly Zip64 compression and allows minimizing space required for backups.
  • Backup to any storage. Hard drives - both local and network-attached, FTP, online cloud storage services like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Backblaze and more.
  • Automatic backup logging and notifications. Keep being informed about the backup process and its history via e-mail notifications.
A Variety of Storages for Access Backup

Microsoft Access Backup Attributes

Handy Backup features the following backup capabilities:

MS Access Backup Automatic
  • MS Access auto backup. Schedule your backups and never do them manually.
  • Hot MS Access backup. Perform the backup while still running MS Access.
  • Task manager. Run other programs before or after MS Access backup task execution.
  • Secure MS Access backup. Handy Backup allows you to copy backup to SFTP servers or protect data with 128-bit blowfish encryption and use less safe destinations.

For more information see How to backup database in Access.

Licensing Information

To learn more about different editions, please see backup software comparison.

Handy Backup can also operate with the most of the ODBC compatible databases. Read database backup restrictions. For a full list of features of the program, read Handy Backup features.

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.19.0, built on 8 November, 2018
164 MB

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