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Automatic Backup

Auto backup software has a set of functions allowing it to perform auto backup for different data types. An idea of automatic backup utility is a sort of providing a user “hands-free” for more creative job than selecting files for daily or emergency-based backup.

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Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017
65.7 MB

Handy Backup is an all-in-one automatic backup software for Windows and, partially, for Linux-based computers running in a single network. It provides an easy way to set up automated backups of a system, hard drive, or even small enterprise network.

This automatic backup utility features compression, encryption, integrated FTP client, online backup interface, running other tools before or after automatic backup, and other functions making it an excellent solution for PC auto backup.

Automatic Backup Software Operations

Automatic backup utility must be designed in such a way that not only any data needed for the particular backup task will be selected by this task automatically but also all the operations linked to this task must be performed without user’s unnecessary interruption, too.

Normally, the process of automatic backup consists of five steps:

  1. Selecting a set of data from sources to perform automatic backup;
  2. Comparing selected data to existing backups and determining new and changed files;
  3. Compressing files to reduce disk space (and network time used - e.g. backup to FTP) ;
  4. Copying backup to desired storage media;
  5. Logging all operations and sending an e-mail notification about results.
Automatic Backup Software Operations

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017. 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

The Standard edition and all other editions are designed for reliable automatic backup. Try it freely for 30 days!

Handy Backup includes all of the above functions and supports the widest range of storage devices and data transferring protocols. It allows you to fully automate all of the above operations and schedule your backup tasks to be performed within any desired periods of time.

How to Perform Automatic Backup Using Handy Backup

Handy Backup has a wide list of features making it useful as an auto backup software. All plug-ins operating with any sort of data or device allow Handy Backup to perform automatic backup. Crucial features of Handy Backup as an automatic backup utility are:

  • Wide choice of plug-ins include databases, E-mails, FTP content (and websites), business files and user-defined files;

Backup Set

  • A lot of device types available for storing data, making Handy Backup, for example, the perfect automatic backup software for external hard drive;
  • Scheduling operations on a regular basis with an interval from minutes to months;

Task scheduling

  • Automatizing Windows backup with all drivers and programs installed as the image of the system disk;
  • Giving users all information about auto backup through detailed logs and E-mail notifications;
  • Combining the execution of automatic backup tasks with running other programs before / after the scheduled task is complete.

So much possibilities makes Handy Backup the perfect automatic backup software, capable for auto backup all sorts of data through different plug-ins and features.

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017
65.7 MB

Try it right now! Download Handy Backup.

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