Automatic Backup Software for PC

Auto backup software offers the capability to perform automatic backups for various data types. With an automatic backup utility, users gain access to a suite of tools that relieve them from routine backup tasks, allowing for more focus on creative work rather than daily or emergency-based backup operations.

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Handy Backup simplifies the process of configuring automated backups of data files, folders, databases, a hard drive, or even an entire enterprise network.

Auto Backup Software

Automatic Backup Software Operations

The purpose of an automatic backup utility is to free a user not only from regular selection of backup data, but also from a couple of routine operations such as encrypting, transferring, storing, controlling versions and other backup-related activities.

Just Six Steps for Automated Backup

Creating an auto backup task in simple mode involves six straightforward steps:

  1. Create an automatic backup task (without selecting an advanced mode option).
  2. Select data from a backup source.
  3. Choose storage for a backup copy (e.g. backup to FTP).
  4. Encrypt and compress automatic backup content if necessary.
  5. Schedule your backup task sequence, specifying the repeating period - monthly, weekly, daily backup or custom.
  6. Provide a name for the task, review task parameters, and complete the Task Wizard.
Six Steps for Automated Backup

Features for Automatic Backup

Handy Backup serves as a comprehensive automatic backup solution for Windows-based computers, accommodating simple and intricate local networks, including Windows 10 backup. It offers a straightforward approach to configuring automated backups for an operating system, a hard drive, or even an entire small enterprise network.

By employing this trustworthy file backup software, you can effortlessly protect your important data with automated backup and robust encryption, ensuring the security and availability of your files whenever needed.

Automatic encrypted backup

Additionally, Handy Backup offers a plethora of internal tools, such as built-in encryption, an integrated FTP client, a user-friendly graphical interface, the ability to run other programs before or after automatic backup, and various other functions, making it an outstanding solution for PC automated backups.

Storage Solutions for Auto Backup Software

Handy Backup supports a variety of device types for data storage, making it an ideal choice for automatic backup software with compatibility for external hard drives, cloud services, or NAS units. Common examples of storage solutions include:

Storage Solutions for Keeping Automatic Backup

  • Local drives, external USB disks and mapped network drives;
  • Shared network folders, file servers and NAS/SAN units;
  • FTP, SFTP and FTPS data servers;
  • Commercial and private clouds connected via S3 or WebDAV to Internet;
  • Popular cloud solutions such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and Box.
Storages for Auto Backup Software

How to Perform Automatic Backup Using Handy Backup

Handy Backup has a wide list of features making it useful as an automatic backup software. All plug-ins operating with any sort of data or device allow Handy Backup to perform auto backup. Crucial features of this program as an auto backup utility are:

  • Convenient and easy-to-use interface with a new task wizard capable for working either in a simple mode (with only six steps to make a complex auto backup task) or in advanced mode;
  • Wide choice of plug-ins include databases, E-mails, FTP content, websites, business projects, multimedia and any other user-defined files;
Automatic data backup set
  • Additional options such as partial (incremental, differential or mixed) backup, keeping some versions of the same dataset, or notifying users on email about auto backup task activity;
Automatic backup on a schedule
  • Automatic backup of MS Windows images, with all drivers and software on a system disk;
  • Providing users all information about automatic backup through detailed logs;
  • Combining auto backup tasks along with running other programs before / after a scheduled task.

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Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB

These capabilities and more make Handy Backup the ultimate auto backup software for PC, equipped to safeguard a wide range of data using various plug-ins and features. Give it a try today!

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