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Asus notebook backup

ASUS notebook backup and restore is an important factor of data security for both individual users and companies. Backing up ASUS notebook data can be a key operation for smooth and convenient job with ASUS devices.

Version 7.7.6, built on January 26, 2016
54.2 MB

ASUS often provides a tool to copy data only at the commercial ASUS webstorage, requiring annual fee. Alternatively, Handy Backup provides automated backup to cloud services such as Amazon S3 or Google Drive, as well as to local and remote drives, from a single software solution.

Easy ASUS Backup Tool: Handy Backup

Windows-based laptops have an ASUS webstorage backup tool for ASUS notebook backup. Different kits of ASUS laptop can include or not include some third-party backup software, often at the restricted functionality and requiring a fee to use it for a long time.

Therefore, user may select among the different third-party products to backup ASUS notebook files. Handy Backup is an excellent choice among these products, as it provides the full automation of different backup and restoration processes.

Features of Handy Backup as ASUS Notebook Backup Software

To provide quality and convenience of ASUS data backup and restoration, Handy Backup is equipped by several useful features, a part of it listed here:

  • Automated backup of any information including files, folders, databases and disk images;
  • A wide choice of storage media, from local disks and USB pens to clouds;
  • Full, incremental and differential backup for the economy of time and space;
  • Storing information in native file formats, allowing using it directly;
  • Marking data with timestamps, to simplify search of the needed backup version.

There are many other options automating and enhancing the process of backing up ASUS notebook data. Among the most principal of these options are running other programs automatically before or after the task, and starting the task as Windows service.

Handy Backup System Requirements

Any modern version of ASUS laptop can fully support all the functions of Handy Backup. This utility requires no special system resources beyond the standard requirements for Windows. However, the most of Handy Backup editions are strictly Windows-based.

Handy Backup can operate under any version of Windows, both desktop editions like Windows 8.1/8/Vista/XP and server-oriented bundles like Windows Server 2012(R2)/2008(R2)/2003, Small Business Server bundle etc. It can provide connection with ASUS webstorage.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 7.7.6, built on January 26, 2016 . 54.2 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 99 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

The Professional edition is the effective and simple-to-use ASUS notebook backup software, allowing saving data from your ASUS laptop without any extra effort!

Note: As many ASUS computers, especially on corporate-level, utilize Linux as OS, Handy Backup provides one effective to backup ASUS notebooks of such environment. The Handy Backup Server Network edition allows centralized backup of Linux computers via networks.

ASUS Notebook Restoration of System Drives with Handy Backup

Besides the standard and simple options of restoring data completely using the same features as for backing up these data, Handy Backup allows the restoration of an entirely system drive image, created previously using the “Disk Image” feature.

System drive can be restored using the specialized utility called Handy Backup Disaster Recovery (HBDR). Any registered user of Handy Backup can obtain this utility, paying no fee. It creates a bootable drive image on USB-plugged drive using the disk image snapshot.

With Handy Backup utility, backing up ASUS notebook is quick and meaningful!

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