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ASUS notebook backup is a matter of great importance for both businesses and individual users. In business, information is above all other assets: loss of data always causes loss of money, and may result in a complete business failure. As regards home environment, a disaster with a personal laptop may not cost you much money, but is always heartbreaking.

Version 7.6.2, built on December 16, 2014
22.7 MB, 32-bit (above) or 29.0 MB, 64-bit version

These days, personal computers have grown to such an essential part of literally everyone’s lifestyle that computer hard disk drive backups became an issue of the top value. People all depend on computer technologies. As you know, backup archives should be refreshed automatically, thus if you meet a computer issue, you can easily come back to every desired computer state in the past. And as long as it is difficult to perform regular backups of work documents, personal emails and all various very important data by hand, people use automatic software product.

ASUS notebook backup program helps you not bother about disk failures, malware infections, forbidden access and other various dangers. These days commerce provides a variety of software that can back up computers working under Windows. We welcome you to try Handy Backup!

Handy Backup Software

Handy Backup utility is designed specially for handy and secure ASUS notebook backup. Its simple and friendly program interface makes it very valuable and obvious even for a complete PC dummy. All you need is to create a "task" to back up the necessary set of data and make a schedule for it and then the program will detect and intelligently manage your files, performing backups each month or with any other period you specify.

Simple ASUS Notebook Backup

Also to general backing up of individual files, Handy Backup provides a range of settings and plug-ins designed for backing up your ASUS notebook files handy. Presets provide ways of fast option of Desktop, Favorites, Windows registry, email messages, popular programs and tools, and other data.

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.6.2, built on December 16, 2014. 22.7 MB, 32-bit (above) or 29.0 MB, 64-bit version
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

The simplest way to back up your ASUS notebook files is to get a brand shiny new Standard edition of the software.

Backing up your ASUS notebook with Handy Backup software is simple and consists of the next phases:

  • Task Wizard run. Whenever you want to create a backup task, a comprehensible Task Wizard will appear to head you through the process step by step.
  • Automatic data search. If you want to back up programs like Skype, Windows Media Player, Adobe Photoshop, or other, you don’t have to search for the appropriate data manually. You just easily manage to set up a special free module (plug-in), and then pick out the appropriate item when it arises in the menu.
  • Choosing the storage place. With Handy Backup solution you can save your backups on CD/DVD, local and external hard disk drives, floppy drives, HD DVD, Zip, or copy to offsite FTP/SFTP locations (secure online backup).
  • Setup additional attributes. You will be provided to set up encryption to your backup task.
  • Backing up ASUS notebook on the schedule. Handy Backup provides a flexible scheduler thereby you can have your backups entirely automated.

All processes run in a very light and vivid way, and whensoever you want to recover your backups, you can do it with a single step!

With Handy Backup utility, backing up ASUS notebook is quick and meaningful!

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