Online Backup Service HBDrive

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Online backup service HBDrive enables to back up your data to the protected cloud storage. You can not only keep backups of files, folders, applications, databases in a highly secure data center but also to download and restore it from any place of the world.

The solution provides you an opportunity to guard your digital data from all types of risk, including natural disasters, hardware malfunctions and human error.

Why HBDrive Online Storage?

Ensured protection
The data center is monitored by professional engineers and has passed the SAS 70 and SSAE 16 certifications.

Unlimited space
You can quickly increase the amount of storage used without taking the time for launching server equipment.

Instant web access
You can view, download and restore you backups or single files 24/7 from anywhere.

Registration without credit card
You don’t need to enter any payment details to create an account.

The user-friendly web interface of HBDrive online backup service allows to manage your data in a browser - you can view, download and delete data through a personal account.

You can get 1 GB of HBDrive cloud storage for free with any purchase of Handy Backup and enlarge the volume of your account by buying additional storage space.

Why HBDrive Online Service?

Advanced backup software
Supports all data types available for backing up with Handy Backup, including databases.

Fast and efficient backup
The usage of rsync utility enables to reduce data transfer and synchronization time.

Secure backup
All data are saved with the high level encryption and are transferred using SFTP protocol.

Free customer support
Our qualified staff is ready to assist you for free. Welcome to call us or contact via Skype and e-mail!

How to use HBDrive Online Backup Service?

  1. Create an account on and get 1 GB of HBDrive storage for one year!
Online Backup Service HBDrive

  1. Download the software, install and run it on your computer.
  2. Choose the Online Backup as a destination and start backup or synchronization process. For detailed information please refer to User Manual.

Online Backup Service HBDrive perfectly meets the requirements of home and corporate users and offers a wide range of opportunities for protection of valuable data.

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    User Testimonials

    It is decent software, used it more than a few times during the review and have it running in the background now to backup stuff to my skydrive and different stuff to my Dropbox.

    by Dragonblogger

    Just to say that you have made a great simple solution. I have tried at least 15 different solutions, this is in my opinion the best.

    by the user of Handy Backup who
    stores data on Amazon S3

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