Windows Registry Backup

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Note: This feature is temporarily unavailable in the latest version, Handy Backup 7.4.3 (released on Aug 14, 2013). We are planning to add it in a couple of weeks - and if you need it right now, we recommend that you use version 6.9.7 instead.

Download version 6.9.7

Windows Registry stores settings and preferences for Windows operating systems. By performing Windows registry backup you can protect your operating system from critical errors, hardware crashes and software failures. Furthermore, by restoring your registry backup to a newly installed system, you can copy all system settings and options which you are used to and wouldnt want to lose.

Registry contains information for all hardware, most software, users accounts, preferences, etc. Each time you install or uninstall programs on your computer, you modify registry contents and risk to damage your settings. To guarantee stable performance of the computer, it is recommended to back up system registry regularly.

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How to Back up Windows Registry

Handy Backup has a special preset which allows you to back up all Registry components including user keys, machine keys and current configuration keys. Through an exceptionally user-friendly interface you can specify which data should be included or excluded from the backup set.

To backup Windows registry with Handy Backup you dont need any specific skills. During the process of creation of a new backup task you only need to select Registry in the menu, and the application will automatically locate all necessary data and add it to the backup set. A comprehensible New Task Wizard will guide you through all steps and help to configure options and schedule a task.

Benefits of Registry Backup with Handy Backup

Handy Backup allows performing full backup of any Registry components with the following options:

Besides Registry Backup, Handy Backup has many other useful plug-ins, such as Outlook Backup, ICQ backup and other. For a full list, please refer to Handy Backup features.

Perform registry backup with Handy Backup and always feel safe about your Windows settings!

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