I have paid for an additional plug-in, but the program still gives an error

After purchasing an extra plug-in for Handy Backup Standard or Handy Backup Professional, you need to re-register your copy of the program.

  • Please check that you provide a registration number from main version of Handy Backup (Standard or Professional) when purchasing a plug-in. For example, enter your registration number below the button when you are purchasing the MS Exchange plug-in!
Buying the MS SQL Plugin for Handy Backup Standard or Handy Backup Professional
  • If you forget to do it, please send us an email to support@handybackup.net, providing your Handy Backup registration number and attaching an email with purchase confirmation. Then wait for a reply that will confirm updates of your copy of Handy Backup.

Note: If you do not remember your main registration number from the program, please read about how to find the Registration Number of Handy Backup.

Re-registering the Program

  1. Open Handy Backup.
  2. Click onto a "Register" button on the management panel or go to the main menu and select "Registration" in the "Help" section.
  3. In the dialog window, enter your registration number and click "Re-register".
Handy Backup Re-Registration Window

Now you will show your new plug-in in the Task Wizard and can create tasks by using it!

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