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Small Business Backup Solution by Handy Backup: Your all-in-one, user-friendly small business data backup solution for Windows OS. Effortlessly safeguard your files, folders, databases, and critical business data. We understand the resource and time constraints that small and medium-sized businesses often encounter, so we've crafted a cost-effective backup solution for small business needs.

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Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB
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List of Supported Databases:
Handy Backup Small Business
Database Backup

Backup of All Popular Databases

The software can automatically back up data from MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, and other databases. It also supports backing up the message base of MS Exchange and personal emails from IMAP servers.

Hot Backup

"Hot" Backup to Speed up Jobs

As required for data backup solution for small business, program copy any type of data without stopping other processes using these data, saving both the time and efforts from unnecessary pauses.

Website Backup

Web Applications and Website Backup

You can back up your web apps and web content freely with Handy Backup (e.g., make a copy or a mirror for a company website), using FTP/SFTP/FTPS protocols, or backup server data locally.

Full Automation

Full Automation

Backup and restore all type of user and server data directly “out of the box, without a need for any further upgrades! Handy Backup software for Small Business contains all available plug-ins, features and options.

Backup of Critical Data

Backup of Critical Data

You may automate saving copies of any of your mission critical business apps data, including files and folders selected by name and/or extension masks.

Full Control over Backup Tasks

Full Control over Backup Tasks

To provide full control over actions, all the program activity is logged. This is also the possibility to notify users about any performed action via E-mail.

Running as Windows Service

Running as Windows Service

Handy Backup can be started as Windows service, doing the scheduled job automatically, producing up to no distraction by users operating with the same machine.

Image Backup

Backing up Entire Servers

Handy Backup has tools to save a perfect image of any server, physical or virtual. It supports any type of virtual server engine, including Hyper-V, VirtualBox and VMware. It allows “hot” server snapshots.

Small Business Backup Software

Setting up your business data backup tasks is quite simple. Please see the User Manual to learn how to create your first backup task in a simple wizard mode. An advanced mode contains a few more steps and a lot of additional useful options for planning your active backup for business purposes.

Cloud Backup for Small Business Data

Supporting Cloud Backup for Small Business Data

Our backup software seamlessly integrates with a variety of leading cloud services, including Amazon S3, WebDAV-driven clouds, Google Drive, OwnCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive/OneDrive for Business, and Box. These integrations ensure robust and efficient cloud backup solutions for businesses, meeting your data security needs.

Fine-Tuning for Your Backups

You can setup backup tasks flexibly by scheduling, make full, incremental and differential backup, rotating backup versions and utilize many other options for efficient small business data backup.

Fine-Tuning for Your Backups
Starting Pre- and Past-Actions

Starting Pre- and Post-Actions

This solution also can execute other programs, such as compression utilities or antiviruses, before or after any task, to control other aspects of security, data transfer, integrity etc.

Utilizing External and Online Storage

Any modern external storage, whether it's HDD, SSD or NAS, is fully compatible with Handy Backup. You can even start a task automatically when you are plugging a USB unit related to a task into your machine!

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Version 8.5.3 , built on March 5, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

LifeTime License, NO Hidden Costs

LifeTime License, Free Tech Support

License for the major version of Handy Backup is last for the product lifetime, as well as all minor upgrades and free tech support for customers; we will answer quickly to your requests and needs!

All in One, Cost-Effective Solution

All in One, Cost-Effective Solution

You can perform small business data backup for files, folders, databases and disk images backup using a single program for all of it. During the 30-day free trial period, you have access to all the plugins for testing at no cost!

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Automated features for all data types include popular databases are greatly reduce the time for setting your backups, as well as the classical, self-explaining interface.

Native Backup Format for Unencrypted Data

Native Backup Format for Unencrypted Data

The program preserves native format of any data during backup (unless compression or encryption specified by a user). This allows using these data directly with related tools, such as Windows Explorer.

Auto Restore to or from Another Place

Auto Restore To or From another Place

You can restore data automatically by creating a recovery task, including restoring backups manually moved to other place, speed up restoration, versioned backup and an option for restoring to another place add greatly to comfortable restore.

Ready-to-Use Cases and Best Practices

Ready-to-Use Cases and Best Practices

The official product website and social network groups regularly publish and discuss different backup strategies, use cases and best practices allowing utilizing Handy Backup by most efficient ways.

Innovative Software Design

Innovative Software Design

Algorithms used by Handy Backup are always being the top of the SMB backup solutions on the IT market, providing the utmost speed, comfort and reliability available for a day.

Innovative Software Design

On-Premises Backup and Cloud Backup for Small Business

Handy Backup offers small businesses a versatile solution with on-premises backup and cloud backup options, ensuring data protection and flexibility. Seamlessly combine both strategies to safeguard your critical data.

Handy Backup Small Business works with MS Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or Windows Server 2022, 2019, 2016, 2012(R2), 2008(R2), as best small business backup solution. No special hardware requirements!

Answers and Questions about Small Business Backup Software

1. Why backup is important for business?

Backup allows saving copies of your crucial business data intact from both perils and inconveniences, from ransomware attacks to security leaks, from sudden authority inspections to hardware upgrades. In addition, you can use business backup software to copy or move data automatically to another place.

2. What a backup system for small business must do?

Best backup for small business must be simple and as automated as possible, because small enterprises can have limits of dedicated UT employees for controlling backup. For example, Handy Backup contains an easy graphical interface, a two-mode task wizard and a big collection of backup advices and manuals.

3. What is the best backup strategy for small business?

From all existing strategies, from a simplest 3-2-1 backup strategy to such advanced techniques as Hanoi Tower, the classic and most efficient approach is the Grandfather-Father-Son, or GFS, business backup strategy. Whether you need an on-prem backup solution or prefer cloud-based backup, Handy Backup offers flexibility to meet your needs.

4. How regular must be a business backup plan?

It depends completely on a frequency of business data backup changes. For those data changing automatically, such as website forum content or a database of goods, repeat a backup task in hours or minutes. For projects, reports, results and so, you can make backups once or twice per day, etc.

5. How to backup company data securely?

Use secured storage and protocols, such as S3 business cloud backup storage services, SFTP servers in a local network, or physically secured USB drives. In addition, you can use the built-in Handy Backup encryption feature for small business backup, or even call to external encryption software in advanced mode!

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