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Have you ever wanted to change your favorite program interface language? Novosoft developers give you a splendid opportunity to try yourself as an interpreter. By translating Handy Backup into the language of your interest, you can get up to five serial numbers of Handy Backup for free!

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Special discounts are offered to government, academic, non-profit entities

Standard discount rate for these customers is 15% of a license fee.

If you belong to one of above-mentioned groups, simply send us a request at sales@handybackup.net. Having identified your organization, we will answer you within 2 days.

15% - Special discounts are offered to government, academic, non-profit entities
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  • Pemtium

    Using MySQL Backup, Really Fast (Backup and Restore)

  • GerryMassie

    I really appreciate Handy Backup, its a one of a kind piece of software in my opinon, and a fair price. Thanks.

  • James_Kauzlarich

    Interesting, no compression, so I can just go into the directory tree and pull out an old copy of any file I want. Don't even have to use any software to find and extract it.

  • Robert_Hil

    I like Novosoftware!

  • Ajem_Sasa

    Novosoft Handy Backup is full of features, you have everything you need to keep your data protected. It creates default configuration for your data, so you just need to push one button to have it up and running.

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