Handy Backup for Partners

We offer you to enhance your business by selling and promoting our reliable and cost-effective software based on the most advanced data protection technologies.

Our partners will be able to maximize their sales and ROI by providing their current and potential customers with Handy Backup family solutions that best fit their needs and meet the highest standards of safety, reliability and integrity.

We are flexible enough to ensure an individual approach to each partner when discussing terms of our collaboration and strive to build our partnership on the basis of mutually productive long-term relations.

Choose a partner program you consider the most appropriate and contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you details of our potential co-working.

Affiliates fast way to earn good money without having to invest in purchasing the product. If you own a web site or a newsletter distribution service, join us right now and we will supply you with professional content and pay you a great commission for every unit of our popular software product sold.

Resellers this program is targeted to those who are interested in earning more and getting dividends from their investment. You will be able to promote our product to your local market in any way you wish or become our exclusive sale representative. Custom software modifications and re-branding are possible.

OEM partners for those who wish to improve their services and receive additional revenue by delivering to their customers a world class data protection solution bundled with the hardware they manufacture or distribute. The software we will provide you can be customized depending on your or your customers needs.

Online backup service providers especially for online storage service companies willing to attract more clients and grow their businesses through encouraging customers to use Handy Backup for easily and safely copying their data to a remote server. This will bring you a stable income and clients gratitude. The software can be modified depending on your or your customers needs.

CD/DVD publishers an excellent offer for CD/DVD manufacturers and vendors: our high quality product will undoubtedly be included into favorite software sets of your buyers who will return to you again to make new purchases.

Can’t decide which program fits your needs best? Want to discuss your particular circumstances and/or a sales model? Contact us at sales@novosoft.net

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Handy Backup Standard

$39 per license

Upgrade to version 7

Volume Discounts
1 license$39 per unit
2-9 licenses$33 per unit
10-49 licenses$31 per unit

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What to Back Up

My Documents Backup - one click backup of the My documents folder including pics, videos, music, text files

Website Backup - most reliable solution to protect your business web representation

Disk Image Backup - back up your hard drive by creating a hard drive image and saving it to the storage medium

MySQL Backup - simple, comprehensive backup of the MySQL database tables

ODBC Database Backup - back up any ODBC compatible databases including MySQL, Oracle, FoxPro, Interbase, MSSQL, DB2, MS Access, Postgre SQL etc.

Where to Back Up

Backup USB - back up your data to any USB connected device such as USB flash key

Backup to FTP - transfer your backups to remote FTP server for more data security

How to Back Up

Synchronizing files and folders - one click synchronization of files and folders across multiple locations including remote FTP servers

Who uses our backup software?