Handy Backup for Partners

We offer you to enhance your business by reselling and promoting our reliable and cost-effective backup software based on the most advanced data protection technologies.

Choose a partner program you consider the most appropriate and contact us. We will be happy to discuss with you details of our potential co-working.

Partnership Program

Partnership Programs


This is an option for reselling companies: providers of IT consulting, Web hosting, Internet services etc. To become a reseller, please register in our partnership program. This will provide you an access to your personal account where you can select your purchases and take personal discounts.



This option is for the partners who want to sell our software without any specialized method of payment (e.g. through software catalogues, blogs, websites with reviews etc.). Please use the 2Checkout system to become our affiliate.

Read more about the affiliate backup program

OEM White Label

For dedicated resellers, we are providing an option to change a product logo and brand name to their own, as well as many other personal offers. To register as OEM white label backup reseller, please enter our partnership program and send us a proposal letter at sales@handybackup.net, we will glad to response!

Customized Edition Resellers

Customized Edition Resellers

We are able to make a customized solution just for your needs – for example, with the only one storage plug-in that can be your storage service! Again, to become a reseller of a customized solution, please register as a reseller and send us an e-mail to sales@handybackup.net, describing what you want.

Service Providers

Different cloud service providers enter into Handy Backup partnership program. As the main option for providers, Handy Backup allows creating a dedicated plug-in for a particular cloud service, integrating the cloud API into the program.

Online backup software for service providers

Technological Partnership

Technological Partnership

Another type of partnership for us is a joint development of some technological solution, such as a new plug-in for your service, database engine or messenger. With a plug-in for your product or service, we can sell the developed software solution on your site, or enter to the market with this joint solution.

We can integrate any solution of our technological partners into our software, such as data transferring engine, data searching technology, file system used or any other technology!

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