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Our software is available in four editions:

Handy Backup Standard

The Standard edition is great if you need to back up files and folders, e-mails, Windows registry and other regular data. It supports any local and USB drives, LAN (including NAS), FTP and a variety of cloud services (such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox and WebDAV-driven clouds).

If you need to create disk images, store data to FTPS/SFTP servers, or Amazon S3, and create USB recovery drives, consider using the Professional edition.

For centralized backup of multiple network computers you need Handy Backup Server Network.

Handy Backup Professional

The Professional edition has all functions of the Standard edition and also supports disk imaging, using FTPS, SFTP and S3-based clouds as backup storage. It also allows creating bootable USB drives with Disaster Recovery module.

If you need to back up Microsoft Exchange Server, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2 and other databases, please look for the Small Business edition.

For saving files and disk images on multiple computers from a central console, the Handy Backup Server Network.

Handy Backup Small Business

The Small Business edition is an all-included backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows Servers. It allows backing up files, folders, HDD images, Microsoft Exchange, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Hyper-V and VMware virtual machines and other server data.

If you need to back up multiple network servers and workstations from one control console, please consider the Server Network edition, which is a client-server backup solution for networks of different architecture and complexity.

Handy Backup Server Network

Handy Backup Server Network is a client-server backup solution that lets you protect all workstations and servers in a network. It supports backup and recovery of all existing data types including files, folders, HDD images, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Exchange Server, Oracle, DB2, MS Access, virtual machines like Hyper-V and VMware Workstation, clouds and other.

The architecture of the Server Network edition allows installing Network Agents (client and server versions) onto any quantity of network machines, and controlling all backup activities on these machines from one central management console with an easy-to-use, convenient GUI.

You can click a product above to see its features, or check the boxes below to find a solution you need.

You can see all products, or select the features you need in the list below.

You can see all products, or select the features you need in the list below.

Small Server edition has all features, but is limited to one computer. See all products

Server Network edition lets you back up all data stored in a network. See all products

The features you selected are available in all editions. You can click any product to learn about it.

Selected features are available in three editions. Click a product to learn about it. Show all products

Selected features are available in the Small Business and Server Network editions. Click a product to learn about it. Show all products

To back up multiple network servers, you need the Server Network edition. See all products

How many computers do you want to back up?

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Comparison Table of Different Editions

EditionStandardProfessionalSmall BusinessServer Network
Buy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Supported operating systems
Windows 11
Windows 10
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Server 2019
Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2012
Windows 2008 Server
Source Options
Individual file and folder
MS Outlook
Gmail e-mails
IMAP e-mails
Windows registry
Windows Libraries
Complete disk image
System Recovery
Individual HDD partition
HDD partition table
"Live" backup of a running system
Database tables via ODBC protocol
MS SQL Server
Microsoft Exchange Server
Microsoft Access
Centralized backup of network workstations
Centralized backup of network servers
Storage Options
External drives (USB, Firewire, etc.)
Google Drive
OneDrive for Business
Amazon S3 cloud (AWS)
Other S3 cloud (besides Amazon S3)
Network storage (workstation data)
Network storage (server data)
Backup Type
Full backup
Incremental backup
Differential backup
Mixed Incremental backup
Mixed Differential backup
Backup Capabilities
Advanced mode
Backup scheduling
Backup encryption
Backup with ZIP compression
Run as Windows service
Back up open files with Volume Shadow Copying
File filters (selective backup of photos, music, etc.)
Excluding temporary files using file filtering
Event logging
E-mail notifications
Other programs to run before/after running backup tasks
Backup Reports
Export and Import Tasks
USB disaster recovery drive
Restore Features
Selective restoration of individual files
Scheduled restoration
E-mail notifications
Other programs to run before/after running backup tasks
Restoring backups to different locations
Restoring with USB drive
Remote restoration (workstation data)
Remote restoration (server data)
Synchronize Features
Synchronizing local files and folders
One-way and double-direction synchronization
Mirror synchronization
Scheduled synchronization
E-mail notifications
Other programs to run before/after running backup tasks
Synchronizing with FTP folder
Synchronizing with WebDAV folder
Synchronizing with Google Drive
Synchronizing with Dropbox
Synchronizing with OneDrive
Synchronizing with OneDrive for Business
Synchronizing with Amazon S3
Synchronizing with Other S3 cloud
Synchronizing with SFTP folder
Synchronizing with FTPS folder
Centralized synchronization of remote computers
PriceBuy NowBuy NowBuy NowBuy Now
Price for unit license$39$89$249$299


  • David

    I have a license for standard version 7. What versions can I upgrade to for free?

  • Moderator

    David, you can upgrade for free to any edition in the Handy Backup 7 product family, i.e. form you version to any 7.*.*, up to 7.9.9.

  • Rob Binning

    I have 1 Win 2003 Server Raid 10. Its main function is terminal services for 5 or 6 various laptops and PC's that login via VPN Clients. Is the network Server going to be able to backup the Server, local and the remote systems once their connected and then have their data saved to an off site location? Will the software be capable of bare metal recovery with diffferent hardware? Comparing Handy backup with Storage craft. Need solid soultion ASAP. Thanks

  • Rik Fox

    can the software restore to dissimilar hardware

  • Moderator

    Yes, there is an option of retoring to dissimilar hardware, both for system snapshots and individual files.

  • FrankC77

    Thank you, as it is a useful program although I do not have much data to backup. В FrankC

  • Orlando Martinez

    I've converted from VISTA to W7, but when I reloaded and attempted to register HB 6.0 it said the registration failed. I tried to register via e-mail (as the subsequent pop-up recommended), but I haven't heard back from you yet.В  I still have the order number and receipt.В  I'm working off the trial version, but need to reactivate my copy.

  • HB_Support

    You have to reactivate you license key for Handy Backup if OS is changed. Try to send your registration data again please. E-mail : support@handybackup.net

  • Jim Calamis

    I love your software and have relied on it for a long time. В However, my old machine finally died and I migrated everything to a newer Dell laptop.В  What to I need to do to reactivate Handybackup 4.0 on the new machine? В My old license code doesn't work, and I've been without a backup for 3 weeks.

  • HB_Support

    At the moment actual release of Handy Backup is 7.3.2 you can download on this site. With more detailed information we did reply to your e-mail.

  • David Cataldo

    Hi - we need to backup about 10 workstations plus the server that has SQL server with a few databases. I also need central control. With this, I assume I need Your $599 product which comes with 5 workstations. So I have three questions questions: Do I need a SQL plug-in? What is the price for 5 more workstations? Couldn't I use the Small Server product? Thank you for your time.

  • Moderator

    That one going to the sales department. Our business development director has said he is going to contact you personally, via email.В 

  • Arnold_77

    May I shut off some backups/move them, f.e., I don`t need ICQ backup, ACDSee backup, etc., for having more place?

  • HB_Moderator

    Of course you can choose needed plugins.

  • Laura_S

    If I need to back up only the Lotus Notes/Domino database, would it be cheaper to buy just this plug-in in addition to the standard/professional edition?

  • SashaHB

    Actually, it would. Handy Backup Standard + Lotus Notes/Domino Backup plug-in = $88. For more: handybackup.net/order-plugins

  • T. S.

    Very helpful chart, but why it is so important to back up HDD Image? Does it mean that I don’t need to install an extra program to make disk image?

  • SashaHB

    The HDD image will help you restore your operating system. No, Handy Backup Professional already contains everything needed.

  • stinkyyy

    As I see Professional Edition covers many options, so I like it. May I take trial for the version?В  В 

  • HB_Moderator

    Yes, you can take trial for Handy Backup Home Professional.

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