Installing and Using Generic Java Workstation

The next instruction tells how to install and use Handy Backup JAVA Workstation in Unix-like systems.

Downloading and Installing Java Workstation

Firstly, download and install Java machine, according to the instruction provided by Java itself:

Open the terminal and enter a command to go to the /opt folder:

cd /opt

Using wget, download an archive file containing Handy Backup Java Workstation:


Unpack this archive into the current folder:

tar -xzf hbjavaws.tar.gz


To provide server parameters (i.e. parameters of a computer containing the Management Console) for linking with a Network Agent, use the next sequence of operations:

  1. Open the file hbjavaws for edit:

sudo nano /opt/hbjavaws/hbjavaws

  1. Find and change the parameter called HOST:


For example, if an IP address of a Management Console is, then you must change the HOST parameter in a next way:


By default, the script presumes the Network Agent running from the folder /opt/hbjavaws. If you are changed the default folder, provide the new path by changing the HOME parameter:


Auto Running

To add the Network Agent to the list of automatically starting software, you must create a symlink for the script hbjavaws in the /etc/init.d folder, and add this symlink into the list of auto start.

In this example, the location of the subfolder containing a Network Agent is the /opt/hbjavaws/ folder. To create a symlink, please use the command:

sudo ln -s /opt/hbjavaws/hbjavaws /etc/init.d/

The next command will add this symlink to the list of auto starting programs:

sudo update-rc.d hbjavaws defaults

To remove the symlink from auto start please use the next command:

sudo update-rc.d -f hbjavaws remove

Controlling the JAVA Workstation Network Agent

To start a Network Agent, please use the command:

sudo service hbjavaws start

To stop the Network Agent, please enter this command:

sudo service hbjavaws stop

Finally, to restart the Network Agent , please apply the next command:

sudo service hbjavaws reload

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