Installing and Using Generic Java Workstation

Handy Backup supports Windows Server 2019, 2016 and earlier editions, as well as Linux and other OS. The next instruction tells how to install and use Handy Backup JAVA Workstation in Unix-like systems.

Downloading and Installing Java Workstation

Firstly, download and install Java machine, according to the instruction provided by Java itself:

Open the terminal and enter a command to go to the /opt folder:

cd /opt

Using wget, download an archive file containing Handy Backup Java Workstation:


Unpack this archive into the current folder:

tar -xzf hbjavaws.tar.gz


To provide server parameters (i.e. parameters of a computer containing the Management Console) for linking with a Network Agent, use the next sequence of operations:

  1. Open the file hbjavaws for edit:

sudo nano /opt/hbjavaws/hbjavaws

  1. Find and change the parameter called HOST:


For example, if an IP address of a Management Console is, then you must change the HOST parameter in a next way:


By default, the script presumes the Network Agent running from the folder /opt/hbjavaws. If you are changed the default folder, provide the new path by changing the HOME parameter:


Auto Running

To add the Network Agent to the list of automatically starting software, you must create a symlink for the script hbjavaws in the /etc/init.d folder, and add this symlink into the list of auto start.

In this example, the location of the subfolder containing a Network Agent is the /opt/hbjavaws/ folder. To create a symlink, please use the command:

sudo ln -s /opt/hbjavaws/hbjavaws /etc/init.d/

The next command will add this symlink to the list of auto starting programs:

sudo update-rc.d hbjavaws defaults

To remove the symlink from auto start please use the next command:

sudo update-rc.d -f hbjavaws remove

Controlling the JAVA Workstation Network Agent

To start a Network Agent, please use the command:

sudo service hbjavaws start

To stop the Network Agent, please enter this command:

sudo service hbjavaws stop

Finally, to restart the Network Agent , please apply the next command:

sudo service hbjavaws reload

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