Data Synchronization Definition and Methods

Data synchronization is the process of data exchange between two or more data sources (folders, drives or so) resulting in keeping only the actual state of these data on the synchronized location(s).

Data Synchronization Techniques

To synchronize the two datasets, you will need some data synchronization algorithm. It must sort data for some parameters making these data “actual”, and then copy the “actual” pieces of information from one dataset to another, or between these datasets in both ways (see below).

These are the three basic methods of synchronization between the two datasets:

  • The first dataset overrides the second;

  • The second dataset overrides the first;

  • The two datasets exchange with all actual data. How to operate with different data bearing identical names settle up by application of some custom rule of overriding these data.

When and Where to Use Data Synchronization Algorithms?

The main area of implementation for data synchronization is an exchange between the two devices, when one of it has a limited data capacity being compared to the second (e.g. between a PC and a smartphone). The second device functions as synchronizing and backup storage unit.

Actual datasets of contacts, emails, workflow files and folders and so on synchronize by this way. Therefore, the synchronization can be used by many other methods. As an example, database content of two mirrored websites must go through the regular synchronization of content.

Software for Data Synchronization

File synchronization

It is too difficult and risky task to perform data synchronization manually. To synchronize datasets a most effective way, some software can be implemented; especially these are the solutions designed for backing up data to or from any modern device or data-keeping service ever existed.

If you are seeking for data synchronization solution, try Handy Backup, the unified backup and restoration software to synchronize files and folders between two data sources of any type. You can download Handy Backup for a 30-day free trial, to obtain a personal experience with it.

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