Export Outlook Contacts

“How to export contacts from Outlook” question is very popular today. Why is this so? There is a large number of new devices and operating systems. Users usually want to move the base of mail contacts to other programs they use on their devices (instead of recreating it from zero).

How to export Outlook Contacts

There are three basic ways to make it happen:


Outlook built-in Export option. Contacts can be exported to a special file, and then it can be imported into other applications. This method will work if the user’s application successfully imports the data.


Use the built-in capabilities of applications or e-mail services. For example, Gmail has a special module for exporting contacts from Outlook.


Use a third-party applications. There are many programs written to transfer Outlook data to other devices and operation systems (for instance, for android), but not all of them work correctly, so you can try several programs to find the best for you.

Built-in export option for Outlook contacts

Use Outlook built-in exporting option:

Outlook 2003: File -> Import and Export
Outlook 2007: File -> Import and Export
Outlook 2010: File -> Open -> Export
Outlook 2013: File -> Open&Export -> Import/Export

Outlook contacts file

Outlook contacts file

Personal storage table (PST) is the main file Outlook stores the data. PST are used from Outlook 2000 up to Outlook 2010. You can perform Outlook contacts copying by simple copying of the corresponding PST-files.

Export contacts from Outlook 2013

Export contacts from Outlook 2013

Before exporting contacts from Outlook 2013, remember that some of the most popular formats - .xls and .doc - no longer supported. But Outlook 2013 still supports .csv and .pst file formats.


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