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Outlook backup software is very useful for a system administrator or a user who wants to protect E-mails and other data. As an internal Outlook backup add-on is now obsolete, users require third-party software for saving Outlook data, such as Handy Backup.

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Version 8.1.3, built on 6 August 2020
106 MB

Handy Backup provides a powerful Outlook backup feature, which is able to automatically backup Outlook emails and other data (including any single PST file, Outlook contacts and event lists). Restore Outlook backup is as simple and automated procedure as taking a backup Outlook copy.

Key Features of Outlook Backup

As the perfect Outlook backup program, Handy Backup provides user the following list of principal features:

Full Outlook Compatibility

Full Outlook Compatibility

Handy Backup can backup Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010 and earlier versions, along with MS Exchange backup and saving email backup directly from clients or servers. It can automatically backup emails in Outlook 2016 and other versions via the dedicated “Outlook” plug-in.

Hot and Fast Outlook Backup

Hot Outlook Backup

Using the Volume Shadow Copying service (VSS), Handy Backup can backup Outlook data without stopping the Outlook program itself. In addition, Handy Backup is very undemanding to resources, so it does not drop overall speed of job when running.

Quick Outlook Restoration

Quick Outlook Restoration

The restoration procedure for Outlook data is as simple as the backup process, using the same interface and methods described. Just create a restoration task, select the copy needed to restore and run the task to replace your Outlook data, or backup Outlook to PST files containing emails in native format.

Migrating from Outlook to Other Services and Clients

Migrating from Outlook to Other Services and Clients

You can use the “MS Outlook” plug-in not only to backup Outlook but also to restore or migrate its data , such as for backup emails in Outlook 2013 and then restore it to some other machine with Outlook 2016 pre-installed, or even move its content (in EML message formats) to some email services.

Any edition of Handy Backup can automatically backup Outlook data. No additional installations or investments are required to use this feature at full scale.

Review About Outlook Backup by Handy Backup

Review About Outlook Backup by Handy Backup

"It is so wonderful to have such a tool to make regular Outlook backup! These system crash events and ransomware attacks can rid me of my emails, but with Handy Backup, I can always protect my docs and letters together! I have no need for special knowledge for backup, as I have read an article about so-called 3-2-1 strategy, and then easily add it to my Outlook backup task."

J. P. Southern, a stock exchange broker

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 8.1.3, built on 6 August 2020 . 106 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 89 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

Get the Professional edition, the mighty Outlook backup software solution capable of managing all your mail data protection in just a few clicks.

Other Principal Features of Handy Backup

Along with Outlook backup, Handy Backup can automate saving copies of any other data types, providing a strong and convenient backup tool for all the needs of data security.

  • Backing up in native format. You can back up files and then use copies any time you need it, as Handy Backup saves files (e.g., in PST file format) and other logical data keeping original format, requiring no restoration for using this data.
  • Scheduling backup tasks. Your data, e.g., Outlook account, can be backed up automatically on a regular basis defining a period from minutes to months, ensuring you can always restore the actual version of your data.
Automatic Outlook Backup
Wide Choice of Storages for Outlook Backup
  • Wide choice of storage media. Backup information on local and remote hard disks, USB external and flash drives, commercial clouds, NASes or FTP servers. Advanced editions of Handy Backup will give you even more variants of backup storages.
  • Additional backup capabilities. Handy Backup saves any data you need to save, not only emails. Add all your data that you need to save in a single joint task and schedule backup. You can also encrypt or pack data when performing such tasks as Outlook 2016 automatic backup.
Windows Backup

You can run Handy Backup under any edition of Windows, including Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and server editions of Windows such as Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server Essentials, Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2.

How to Backup Outlook E-mails and Other Information

As usual with Handy Backup, the process of Outlook backup is quite simple. Doing it step-by-step, you can backup MS Outlook data without any special effort.

  1. Run Handy Backup and create a new task by selecting "New task…" from menu or just by pressing Ctrl+N. Choose a backup task type.
  2. Choose a backup task type. You can save Outlook backup folders either in simple or advanced mode, as you want.
  3. On Step 2, click on Outlook from the list of backup data options in the E-mail section of the left panel.
Adding the Outlook Plug-in to Backup Set
  1. The new window called “Select data…” will appear. Mark the checkbox near the “Outlook” option. You will see the list of Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail folders.
Select outlook backup folders
  1. Click “OK” to return to the task configuration process.
  2. Select other settings, such as backup destination, compression and scheduling. These steps are not specific for Outlook backup.

Outlook.com Backup via IMAP

Outlook Backup via IMAP

Saving emails from webmail service called Outlook.com is a completely different task from local MS Outlook email backup. It is a common web service backup, which you can do by using the “E-mail” plug-in (located in the same “E-mail” group as the “Outlook” plug-in).

How to Make Outlook IMAP Backup

Create a task as for a local client, but select the “E-mail” plug-in on Step 2. Create a new connection and provide appropriate data for opening your Outlook.com email account:

  • Server: Outlook.Office365.Com
  • User and Password: your login and password for Outlook.com e-mail.

Do not touch other parameters. Give a name for this connection. After successful testing it, you can use this connection for Outlook backup and recovery.

Video Example: Backup Outlook E-mails

In this video, you will see how to move Yahoo!Mail backup to Outlook.com. It is a fully automated operation, requiring only minimal tuning. By using the same way, you can backup Outlook.com to other storage or service, or recover Outlook.com data in EML formats.

Perfect Software for Outlook Data Backup

As you can see from this article, you can utilize Handy Backup as Outlook backup software with a highest level of efficiency. Tuning and scheduling tasks to backup Outlook, users can assure the total security and consistency of all emails under their Outlook accounts.

Try the power of MS Outlook backup with Handy Backup, downloading it just now from the official product downloading page for a 30-day free trial period!

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.1.3, built on 6 August 2020
106 MB

Handy Backup — the perfect Outlook email backup software solution for everyone!

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    Reliable backup solution at a good price point and with nothing unnecessary. You pay only for those features you really need. I purchased the DVD+Service version and forgot about lost files as well as about the program itself because it works in the background and does not eat much system resources. I'm 100% happy with running Handy Backup. Well done novosoft, first backup program i've ever liked.

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