New Task Wizard - Step 5: Compression and Encryption

This page describes the fifth step of creating a backup task with the New Task Wizard.

On the fifth step of the New Task Wizard, you can enable compression and encryption. Both options are applied to data stream “on-the-fly” and use no temporary files. This is especially useful if you back up very large files, e.g. HDD images

Enabling compression and encryption
  • To enable compression, check Compress the backup data to save space. There are two types of compression:
    • “Many-to-one”. If you want to create a single ZIP archive for the entire backup set, select the first option.
    • “One-to-one”. Select the second option if you want to create a separate ZIP archive for each file backed up.
  • To enable encryption, check Encrypt the backup data for security reasons and specify password in the respective fields.

When finished, click Next.

Next steps are common for all tasks. See the following chapters:

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