New Handy Backup, the Fastest Ever, June 2012

November 27, 2012

Hi there!

Do you think it’s time backup becomes a high-speed thing? We do! Meet one of the industry’s fastest backup software and ultimately the most high-speed Handy Backup ever: the hot and smoking Handy Backup 7.2!

Brand new shiny Handy Backup 7.2 brings ultimate speedup and reliability to your backups. Here is how the magic happens.

Handy Backup 7.2: the High-Speed Reliability Features

  • Super Fast Backup
  • With a licensed approach to processing file differences and data transfer algorithm updates, the new version is breaking records of speed for backingup and restoring data.

  • New Differential Backup
  • Speaking of file differences. Handy Backup 7.2 is now a data stream based solution, so forget about temp files and extra disk space required for backups.

Wait a minute: does the fast and new differential stuff means I can manage my online backup and centralized network data protection, you might ask. We bet it does! Meet the highly anticipated Handy Backup Server Network 7.2!

Server Backup: Enters the King

  • Super Fast Server-Workstation Interaction
  • The speed improvements are most notable for backing up large files and big number of files.

  • Workstation-Workstation Interaction
  • Now it is not only Handy Backup Network and Workstations transferring data to one another, but the Workstations exchanging backups too! Computerresources, network traffic, and backup time over a network have never been lower.

  • FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Online Backup Updated
  • Not only are the high speeds of data transfer taking place here due to backup algorithm updates, but there are also smart data processing after a lostconnection and simplified settings management (still, geeks don’t worry, you can tune every single setting your way).

Think of a bunch of additional neat improvements like a flexible authorization for network backup (simplified access for local and domain administrators), renewed 1C plug-in (let’s all say privet to Russian folks here), full localization to a bunch of languages (Bonjour, installateur français), and that will be even less than a half of all the awesome Handy Backup 7.2 features.

But let it be a little less conversation, a little more action please as The King said. Hurry up to test Handy Backup 7.2, the fast one, today!

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