New Handy Backup, the Fastest Ever, June 2012

Hi there!

Do you think it’s time backup becomes a high-speed thing? We do! Meet one of the industry’s fastest backup software and ultimately the most high-speed Handy Backup ever: the hot and smoking Handy Backup 7.2!

Brand new shiny Handy Backup 7.2 brings ultimate speedup and reliability to your backups. Here is how the magic happens.

Handy Backup 7.2: the High-Speed Reliability Features

  • Super Fast Backup
  • With a licensed approach to processing file differences and data transfer algorithm updates, the new version is breaking records of speed for backing up and restoring data.

  • New Differential Backup
  • Speaking of file differences. Handy Backup 7.2 is now a data stream based solution, so forget about temp files and extra disk space required for backups.

Wait a minute: does the fast and new differential stuff means I can manage my online backup and centralized network data protection, you might ask. We bet it does! Meet the highly anticipated Handy Backup Server Network 7.2!

Server Network Backup: Enters the King

  • Super Fast Server-Workstation Interaction
  • The speed improvements are most notable for backing up large files and big number of files.

  • Workstation-Workstation Interaction
  • Now it is not only Handy Backup Network and Workstations transferring data to one another, but the Workstations exchanging backups too! Computer resources, network traffic, and backup time over a network have never been lower.

  • FTP, SFTP, FTPS, Online Backup Updated
  • Not only are the high speeds of data transfer taking place here due to backup algorithm updates, but there are also smart data processing after a lost connection and simplified settings management (still, geeks don’t worry, you can tune every single setting your way).

Think of a bunch of additional neat improvements like a flexible authorization for network backup (simplified access for local and domain administrators), renewed 1C plug-in (let’s all say privet to Russian folks here), full localization to a bunch of languages (Bonjour, installateur français), and that will be even less than a half of all the awesome Handy Backup 7.2 features.

But let it be a little less conversation, a little more action please as The King said. Hurry up to test Handy Backup 7.2, the fast one, today!

Got questions? You can now go visit Handy Backup Support Google Group. Find the answers in the threads by other users, address questions to Handy Backup Support Engineers, and share your user experience with the community! See you online!

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