Hot Disk Snapshot Making!

February 29, 2012

Dear everyone!

Here comes the most anticipated Handy Backup feature of the last months: easy snapshot making (aka Epic Hot Image Backup). Yay!

With the option, you can perform the most complete and accurate of the entire hard drive or individual partitions (the magic of low-level data copying). There has already been such a thing already, one might say. Holy truth! Image backup has been a brand feature of Home Pro and Business editions for while now.

But! Now you can make a snapshot of the disk with no service interruption!

No more logging off Windows to boot under Linux, killing processes, and other data-in-use voodoo.

Here comes the easiest (and fastest) way to restore your whole system, with settings, data, and stuff, after a major data loss incident (God forbids). Or use the new hot snapshot making functionality for PC cloning purposes, to easy make a bunch of computers identical to yours, with all the apps up and running. Ridiculously awesome!

Traditionally, for useful tips, tricks, and disk imaging kung fu best practices, feel awesomely encouraged to check Facebook, and Twitter. Share your hot disk image experience with the web’s grooviest data protection community!

Happy snapshot making!

P.S.: the best part? There are tons of more cool stuff coming soon after the snapshot making thing! Linux workstation backup, connecting all your computers and mobile devices into a single backup network, and more mind blowing data protection options. Stay tuned!

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