Handy Backup New Version, May 2012

November 27, 2012


May has been sheer magic this year! Handy Backup 7.1.3 (download!), the most stable meaningful backup tool ever, has been officially released, Windows 8 compatibility tests have been accomplished for all-the-way-through success, and the the opinions about Handy Backup have been specifically heartwarming!

As for the brand new shiny Handy Backup 7.1.3, from now on the product awesomely features the smartest framework for managing software crashes (check out the dump file “just in case” instruction), welcomes you with an extraordinary intelligent startup wizard, and presents a bunch of updated plug-ins (check out the smoothest operation of MySQL backup).

Also, Ma-the-lovely-month has brought a bunch of super useful website pages:

Handy Backup VS Backup Scripts

Symantec Backup Software Comparison

Paragon Backup Review

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