E-mail Recovery Software

Email recovery after backup is a procedure of returning or cloning a list of email messages saved earlier to an original or another mailbox. Handy Backup allows automating the procedure of mail recovery, both for restoring mails and for cloning the mailbox content to another box or even a server.

Email Recovery Software Features

Handy Backup contains the dedicated “Email” tool for email account recovery. It uses the IMAP protocol to connect with a mail server and recovery email backup from a message base saved by another task. Mail recovery can help in some typical situations pictured below.

Email Account Recovery after an Accidental Data Loss

Such situation is not too rare. You can accidentally delete an important message (or even an entire branch of messages), or your mail server can take damage from some cyberattack. If you lose some important mails, just use email recovery from an archive taken by Handy Backup, and all will be OK!

Recover Emails for Migrating or Cloning

This is a technique of email data recovery to another server. Firstly, take an email backup from some account using Handy Backup “Email” plug-in. Then create a mail recovery task, click “Change location” and select a new mail server among available configurations.

Email Data Recovery

How to Recover Emails with Handy Backup

To provide automatic email data recovery, create a restoration task and select a file backup.hbi in your appropriate backup folder, which contains all data about your emails.

  • To recovery email content to its original location, continue creating a restoration task.

Email Account Recovery

  • To clone email account recovery to a different place, click “Change location” as pictured above.

In a latter case, you can select another place for email data recovery, as shown on the next picture.

Change Recovery Location

Handy Backup has well-automated email recovery software functions, allowing recovering all email data to what a place you want!

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