Granular Backup and Granular Restore: Partial Restoration of Data List

Granular Backup and Restore

Granular recovery technology allows restoring only parts of a particular dataset selected by some criteria, instead of a full restoration. A good example of this technology is a Sharepoint 2013 granular backup, although the technique is much more widespread nowadays.

SharePoint Granular Backup

A Microsoft Sharepoint granular recovery technology completely realizes the functions of partial data restoration in both PowerShell and Central Administrator tools. You can provide a farm backup, partial data backup and object-related restoration of Sharepoint data at any time you need it.

SharePoint Granular Backup

Exchange Granular Backup

Microsoft Exchange also contains tools for partial restoration of its database. These tools, managed by Exchange server administrator, allow extracting some data from Exchange backups without a need for time-consuming and unsafe total Exchange restoration.

Exchange Granular Backup

Granular Backup Software

Most high-grade backup solutions also have some functions for granular backup and recovery:

  • A GRT backup technology behind the Backup Exec software solution allows granular restore;
  • Netbackup and Acronis also have such an option in the list of available backup techniques;
  • Handy Backup allows granular restore of SQL tables, parts of site collection, file list etc.

Technologies behind Granular Backup

The granular recovery technology bases mainly on one of the two methods:

  • Object recovery. This method is good for built-in backup solutions, operating with an internal structure or a list of objects used by some software. The pros of this method are obvious sorting criteria for restoration; the cons mainly are the time to recovery and inflexibility.
  • File or folder recovery. This is a “generic” method, recovering a file, folder, website or SQL table by its name and/or attributes. It is fast and reliable, if you can manage your restoration content by filenames (such as time stamps). This method is great for external backup solutions.

Advantages of Granular Recovery

The main advantages of granular recovery are the economy of time to restore only the objects needed, and a greater protection from mishaps and undesired data changes that can occur with a full restoration. Therefore, a good granular restore software saves your efforts and your data!

Recommended Solution

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