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Gmail Backup Tool

Gmail backup software allows backup Gmail to Google Drive, a local disk, an external USB unit or to any other storage you feel appropriate. Handy Backup accesses Gmail via IMAP, using the dedicated "E-mail" plug-in, and stores emails in a common, readable EML format.

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Version 8.1.3, built on 6 August 2020
106 MB

How to Make Gmail Online Backup with Handy Backup

Caution! Google has changed its security policy and now Handy Backup is being certified by Google. The process will take a little time. Because of this, the Gmail plugin may not work correctly, but you can backup Gmail with Email plugin. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Firstly, we are demonstrating how it works. Please follow the next instruction to create an automatic task for Gmail backup.

  1. Open Handy Backup, create a new task through a menu, the main panel button or press Ctrl+N.
  2. Choose a backup task on the Step 1. Then go to the Step 2 and select the Gmail plug-in.
Choose the Gmail Plug-in
  1. Create a connection to your Gmail account by clicking the "Connect to Gmail" button.
  2. In a new browser window, enter your Gmail account name and password.
  3. Grant permission for Handy Backup to use Gmail account. This will close a browser window.
  4. Click OK and go to your Gmail account folders list. Here you can check/uncheck your messages.
Select Data in Gmail Account
  1. To back up the messages you checked, click OK again and return to the Step 2 window. Proceed.
  2. Select a storage for your data. You can create either Gmail online backup or save emails locally.
  3. Continue creating a task, using all other advantages and functions of Handy Backup!

Gmail Backup and Migration: Video Tutorial

In this video, we will show how to migrate your emails from Google Mail to Yahoo!Mail, using Handy Backup as automated Gmail backup tool. It is a straightforward, convenient process, which can take only a few minutes to set up and run. Please see how to make Gmail backup tasks and flexible recovery!

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.1.3, built on 6 August 2020
106 MB

Gmail Backup via E-mail Plug-in

An alternate way to use Gmail backup is the generic E-mail plug-in. To use it, please create a backup task as described above, and add the E-mail plug-in to a backup list on Step 2. After it, please create a new connection with the next parameters*:

  • Server name:
  • Port: 993
  • User: Your account name
  • Password: Your password provided by AOL
  • Connection type: TLS or StartTLS

* Note: You must allow using less-secure apps with your Gmail account (in the account control page, "Security" →  "Less secure apps access", and allow it) to use this technique.

Allow Handy Backup for Gmail Backup

Principal Advantages and Approaches of Gmail Backup Software

Native Format for Backup Gmail Messages

Native Format for Backup Messages

Handy Backup saves unencrypted messages as EML files that are clearly readable for many local email clients. As a result, you can browse, view or even restore separate messages from your Gmail copies (for example, in Gmail FTP backup) manually, without a need for complete account recovery.

Automatic Gmail Backup Solution

Scheduling Backup Operations

You can schedule your Gmail backup tool to strictly defined local time, with possible repeating at an interval from a minute to some months. You can also schedule your task to run when some system event occurs, such as user logon to a system or plugging a task-related USB unit into a PC.

Encrypt Gmail Backups

Different Methods of Backup Control

To reduce time and space usage for backup Gmail emails, you can save your account messages, contacts etc. from a server with incremental, differential or mixed backup methods instead of simple full backup. Additionally, you compress and/or encrypt your messages to provide greater data security.

Backup Notification via Email

Backup Notification via Email

You can set up the program to send notifications and reports to some email that you provide. After setting up notifications, you will receive emails reports about all task activities on a regular basis. You can set up a notification and reporting frequency in program settings.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.1.3, built on 6 August 2020. 106 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

The Standard edition is a quick, functional solution for home users, allowing backing up and restoring messages from your Gmail account. Free 30-days trial version!

Other Functions and Possibilities of Handy Backup as a Gmail Backup Tool

In addition to crucial advantages, here are many other functions allowing backing up Gmail messages in a most convenient and effective way:

  • A good choice of data storages, providing both Gmail online backup and local storage;
  • The time stamping technique, allowing marking backup versions for auto processing;
  • Many control options, such as running as Windows service or notifying users by email;
  • Linking your Gmail backup task into some workflow by auto-running other programs;
  • Logging and reporting all tasks and events, as well as running missed tasks if you need it.
Choose Data Storage for Gmail Backup

Restoration Options

Backup Gmail emails to somewhere be only a part of a job; a next part is to restore these messages from backups. To restore data on an account on the Gmail server, Handy Backup uses the same "Email" plug-in. Create a restoration task, select the file backup.hbi from your vault, and restore all messages!

Migrating and Transferring

Besides doing a simple Gmail recovery, you can use your Gmail backup for transferring saved messages to a different account, or even for migrating emails to different mail server (assuming that server supports IMAP). Just change a restore location and select a new mail server configuration to copy data.

Restore Gmail Backup
Download Handy Backup

Version 8.1.3, built on 6 August 2020
106 MB

To try Handy Backup as Gmail backup software download and install the newest full version for a 30-days free trial.
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