A Fresh Guide for NAS Backup

Online backup for NAS is among the recent request we’ve received from our users. To be precise, users want to know if they should use any special configuration settings and backup options, while using a NAS or a remote server.

So, to make everything clear, we’ve decided to make the following guide for network backup. Enjoy and don’t forget to copy your data regularly!

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NAS Online Backup Instruction

  • You can use Handy Backup Network or Standalone version for performing online backup for NAS. In case it works as a service you can use a Network plug-in for NAS access.
  • To proceed with network backup, in Handy Backup you should use the following path: Network\Microsoft Windows Network\WORKGROUP\myNAS.
  • If your NAS has only IP instead of a name, then you won’t be able to perform online backup for NAS in a service mode. You should use alternative options then.
  • Dealing with server version for NAS backup, to have the right for network access, you must run the workstation from the particular user instead of the system account..
  • In case of working as a process, for NAS online backup you can use either Network plug-in, or mapped-in drives. Visit our FAQ to learn more about backup mapped drives.

We hope this helps! If you still have any questions about online backup for NAS (or any other matters connected with data reserving - the best thing in the world after pastries), just contact us via our Google Group. We respond quickly!

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