Amazon s3 plug-in

Amazon S3 plug-in allows backup to Amazon S3 cloud storage. That storage uses “bucket” principle: it is like a virtual folder with a name and a key. To get access to Amazon S3 you must have Amazon S3 account.

To make a backup, do the following:

1. Select Backup task in New Task Wizard.

2. Select Amazon S3 option on step 2 of New Task Wizard.

Amazon s3 plug-in

3. Select New Configuration, then click OK.

Amazon s3 new

4. Set up Amazon S3 Access settings.

  • Access key. Enter your Amazon S3 access key (take this from your Amazon S3 account).
  • Secret key. Enter your Amazon S3 secret key (take this from your Amazon S3 account).
  • Use SSL. Choose Yes or No for SSL-encryption of the connection to Amazon S3. SSL is a cryptographic protocol. Selecting Yes provides additional communication security over the Internet.

5. Set up Amazon S3 advanced settings.

  • Server and port. Enter Amazon S3 server name or IP address. If you can not find that information in your Amazon S3 account, contact us by mailing to and we will provide you with correct Server’s name or IP. Default option for port is Auto.
  • Max chunk size. If you have limitations on file size in bytes, enter new value. If no, leave default option.
  • Chunk delimiter. Select th symbol for separation chunk number from file name. Default option is "/".

6. Set up proxy settings.

If you use proxy server to access Internet, enter all the parameters to that box.

  • Proxy. Enter your proxy server name or it’s IP address. Specify the number of port.
  • Type. Select the type of your proxy connection. You may choose HTTP, socks 4 and socks 5 connection type.
  • User and password. Enter Username and Password.

7. Connect to Amazon S3 and set up your backup. You’ll get an access to inner Amazon S3 structures and do a backup as usual file-and-folder way.

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User Manual in PDF, version 7.1.2 (5.3 MB)

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