Handy Backup Server Network Protects Workstations More Efficiently

Jan 10, 2008

Novosoft LLC announced the release of the latest version of Handy Backup Server Network - server backup software for small to medium businesses. The new version implements a range of enhancements that enables organizations to execute their data protection strategies much more efficiently by taking full control over data stored on client machines.

  • With Handy Backup Server Network 6.0 system administrators can not only perform server backup, but also back up workstation data as well, making backup copies of files or HDD images of all workstations on the network. In case of a physical drive failure such approach allows recovering client data as quickly as simply replacing the damaged disk with a new one without reinstalling operating system, applications and drivers. Complete system restore can be performed to the same or another system with different hardware.

  • Apart of image backup of remote workstation drives, there is a new functionality for automatically backing up server-specific data stored on workstations. Thus the program executes Exchange data backup not only on the server, but finds all MS Exchange storage groups on a network and backs them up quickly and easily. The same comes with Lotus Notes databases.
  • As earlier, Handy Backup Server Network reliably protects ODBC-compatible databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, MS SQL and others. But now, MS SQL backup can be performed using not only ODBC protocol but also native Microsoft API which is more reliable and allows avoiding errors while backing up and restoring databases.

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