SOS Backup Product Review-Inspired Ideas

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The goal of this SOS backup review is to fulfill the growing demands in the data-protection field. The software market offers lots of solutions, which are capable of virtually every backup task possible. So, if one want to feel safe about his data, the opportunities are all there.

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.4.0, built on June 30, 2022. 113 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Home Standard

Tip of the day: for maximal user functionality customization, purchase the basic Home Standard edition and customize it with backup plug-ins.

This easily leads to distraction and inability to choose what is right for you. The absence of several declared product features right from the box can make things even worse.

This SOS backup comparison has been written to make some things clearer and help you to pick something you TRULY need.

SOS Reviews Top Features Analyzed

If you work with the SOS product, you can easily remember the older ones, which took the excessive amount of time to deal with big files. There also were restrictions on the number of files to copy during one backup session. In other words, the products were not optimized for working under high-pressure circumstances.

The SOS does remind us of the common principle in the modern backup software niche: get more for less. In reality this manifests in selling the product without most of the features and requires extra payment for making them available. For instance, you get the program which is only backing the files up and for restoring them you have to buy something else from the same company.

SOS Backup Substitutes

The backup software which managed to avoid all the disadvantages listed in the SOS reviews above is the Handy Backup. The program boasts reliable performance for a nice price and has a natural, easy-to-use interface. Feel free to try Handy Backup after reading this SOS backup review and you’ll see the improvement soon.

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Version 8.4.0, built on June 30, 2022
113 MB


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