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Ohio University LogoOver the years, I have utilized Handy-Backup to transfer data from a remote air quality monitoring station to on-site external back-up drives, to our central database via FTP, and to local, state, and federal FTP servers on an hourly basis. This data provides real-time air quality information to the residents of our community, state, and nation to better protect their health and inform decision-makers about current conditions.

I have promoted Handy Backup to many of my colleagues and across our industry. The USEPA has taken notice of your product because of my highlighting its utility to our programs. I have always been impressed with its unfailing devotion to getting data to the right place on time for years on end.

Ohio University

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NSG GROUP LogoI have recently changed laptops which involved an upgrade to Windows 10 and was looking for a replacement for some old backup software for which I could no longer get a licence key.

I searched around and tried a few different products but chose Handy Backup for the following reasons:

  • The ability to have a free trial period
  • Nice interface, very easy to use
  • I have several work bases and have a backup drive at each location and Handy Backup allows me to both back up my files and synchronise to a number of portable drives in native file format.
  • The scheduling - this was a must for me as I want these backups to happen automatically in the background several times per day. I found I could only schedule a backup set once per day but created several copies of the same backup set that initiate at different times of the day.

Overall I’m very happy with my choice of Handy Backup.

2019, Alistair G.R. Poole, NSG GROUP

I want to use it to backup the files from my computer to a server owned by my internet service provider, for avoiding ransomware and other similar eventual attacks.

I chosen Handy Backup because I am blind and the other backup applications/services I tried are not accessible for the blind, but require using a mouse.

2018, Octavian, Handy Backup User

Logic Link Logo

I am a computer support business and will be using the licences on 3 different sites for backup purposes.

As well as file backups I will be doing disk images both of which I will FTP to a NAS or offsite server.

I am largely doing this because of ransomware viruses which have hit several of our clients.

I have been using Handy Backup for over 10 years but not the professional version until now. I will also be purchasing the server version for some of our clients.

2018, Michael Jarvis, Logic Link

Worldox LogoI am very excited about your software, it’s hard to find an inexpensive, complete backup solution for Exchange without having to spend thousands on third party plug-ins.

July 6, 2012 - Jay Schwegler, IT Manager at Worldox - World Software Corporation

iiNet, Australia’s second largest DSL Internet Service ProviderMy company has been testing backup software for the last 13 years and we have found Handy Backup the only application to do what we want and when we want without causing any problems. We now sell this application to all our users and recommend it to everyone.

Mary Styles, iiNet, Australia’s second largest DSL Internet Service Provider

I’ve been using Handy Backup for years, and I like this software because it allows me to backup to native file format, and if I want to secure certain files and folder backups, I can compress and encrypt them easily. In my experience the program was also very stable compared to the others I tested.

Customer feedback from NetSec

StudioTechI have tested several network backup products. Some are a lot more sophisticated and expensive but cannot handle the three things I needed: workstation backup, LAN asset backup and Website backup (FTP) for multiple environments and tasks. Good work.

Bruce G. Mills, Designer/Developer, StudioTech, Customer

As the owner of a computer service company, I am constantly in need of backup solutions for our clients. I have installed Handy Backup hundreds of times over the last several years with the utmost of confidence that the program works 100% of time and is so user friendly that even our novice customers are able to work with it successfully. Awesome software that outperforms its claims!

Roy Parker

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I have used Handy Backup with great success for backing up Windows laptops to remote storage account for my business. It is very flexible and reliable. I am now going to use it to back up some files at home to my home server.

Customer review by Bert Curiel

Good program, easy to use, powerful to backup databases and restore remote databases.

User testimonial by Linda Miller, System Administrator, User

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It’s an excellent program, I have used it for several years and before that I struggled with all different sorts of backup software, none of them did what Handy Backup could do. I love it.

User testimonial by Stephen Barker

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Handy Backup is great! Been using it for over 5 years now and never a problem. Tech Support has always been prompt to answer any questions I’ve had.

User testimonial by Gregory

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