Application Backup Software for Windows PC

application backup software for pc

Backup application for PC before Windows 10 and earlier versions (including Windows 7 and server editions) can be as easy and fast as Handy Backup! A friendly GUI and many featured functions allow you conveniently to make automatic app backup for any data type!

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Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020
106 MB

App Backup PC: Trivia

To use backup application for PC with a convenience, you must save at least the parts of it:

  • Application must be automatic, selecting data and scheduling tasks without troubles;
  • Storage selection must be vast, allowing saving data to all local and network vaults;
  • Extra functions such as incremental backup or encryption must be easily available.
Parts of application backup software for windows

Best application backup software for PC under Windows and Linux combines all these features, as well as provides some other possibilities and options, such as starting and stopping external software before or after a backup task.

How to Use Handy Backup as Backup App for PC

In different PC backup software reviews, there are some common themes to discuss, automation, simplicity and convenience. Let us show how these functions work for app backup in Handy Backup! The short instruction below allows you quickly creating a backup application task.

Handy Backup as Backup PC Software

By most cases, this is a convenient way every time you want a quick backup and a granular recovery! Here is an example of data backup and granular recovery that you can do it with a simple Computer plug-in, by using the next instruction.

  1. Open Handy Backup and create a new backup task. Do not use an advanced mode on Step 1.
  2. Select the Computer plug-in on the Local and network data section on Step 2.
  3. The Select data&... dialog will open, and you will see a list of data selected for backup by file filters.
Select Computer for Application Backup
  1. Add files and folders that you feel appropriate to backup list by marking checkboxes against names of these data.
  2. Continue creating a task as described in the User Manual for using in this backup Windows application.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020 . 106 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 89 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

The Professional edition has many storage plug-ins for application backup for PC, as well as plug-ins allowing backing up an entire disk with all its apps and settings!

Granular App Backup for PC

If you have a strong need for backing up app structures with all data, settings and executables, you must know these structures including location of each part for application backup. The process itself is still quite simple; backup these locations using the "Computer" and maybe "User Folder" group of plug-ins.

Granular Recovery with Application Backup Software for Windows

You can always make a new restoration task based on the particular application backup set, much like the way you create backup tasks. Another method is to make a granular restore by just copying backup application from its storage to a destination you need, using any file manager!

Where to Store Your App Backup?

Handy Backup supports a plenty of storage types. For example, you can save a copy to the same local drive, or to external drive, or make your app backup to Dropbox to maximize its accessibility. The list of storage plug-ins depends from the edition of Handy Backup, but still is long enough!

Application backup data to any storage types

Other Advantages of Handy Backup as Application Backup Software for PC

In addition to methods and techniques described above, Handy Backup contains some other functions and settings for making effective apps backup. The short list of these functions includes:

Advantages of Handy Backup for App Backup and Restore
  • Encryption (for example, to secure data during online app backup to Google Drive);
  • Compression and partial backup methods (incremental, differential and mixed backup);
  • Scheduling backup and restore tasks by time, for a given period or by system event;
  • Taking other operations before or after the task (for example, stopping app instances);
  • Notifying user by email about task status and/or sending detailed reports for a period.

What to Do to Back up App for PC?

–°opy executable files, DLLS and application data

An answer as simple: just copy executable files, DLLS and application data. Or, maybe, it is simpler to copy an entire drive with an app installed and configured?

What Do You Plan to Include in App Backup for PC?

Evaluate the need for backup app components listed above. Consider that the installer can locate some DLLs somewhere outside the "Program Files" subfolder. Use file masks for searching exact locations of any data that you need to save!

An advice: If you still have a need to backup application fully, maybe backing up a drive image for a system recovery (instead of backup a particular app) can fulfill your needs on the best way.

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020
106 MB

Explore Handy Backup as the effective and convenient application backup software for PC.
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