Network Backup Software Solution for Home and Business

Network Backup Software

Network backup software for home and business allow saving different data over local or worldwide network as backup copies. Handy Backup is a perfect example of a network backup solution, providing plug-ins for both standard network data (e.g. clouds and FTP) and specialized data (such as databases).

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Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017
65.7 MB

Advantages of Automatic Network Backup

Regular and Scheduled Job

With a network backup software solution, you cannot forget about taking regular backups! Handy Backup allows saving your network data at a precisely defined time, with an interval from months to one minute, or by some event such as user logon, or when you are placing a USB storage into a PC.

Automatic Network Backup

Automated Access to Any Data

The well-developed plug-in system of Handy Backup allows you taking snapshots from any data you can imagine in automatic mode. A database? No problem. A virtual machine or an array of these machines? Yes, got it! A group of files selected by a name mask? OK. Any data is eligible for auto network backup!

A Variety of Storages for Network Backup

Different Data Destinations

Best network backup software can store taken backups onto as many vault types as possible. For example, Handy Backup can store data to local and USB drives, to NAS units, common and protected FTP storages, network drives and folders, as well as cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

Other Principal Features of Handy Backup

Besides the common principles of network backup described above, Handy Backup has some other advantages and key options to make it an effective solution to backup network data:

  • Partial backup (incremental, differential and mixed full/differential backup options);
  • Encrypting and/or compressing data, or keeping the information unchanged in backups;
  • Running other software before and/or after a backup task, to make a chain of data workflow;
  • Efficient auto restoring to an original place, or to a new location (allowing cloning data!);
  • Detailed reporting and informing users about task results (including emailing reports).
Backup Types

Home Network Backup Software

The Standard edition of Handy Backup contains a dedicated Network plug-in to allow accessing to shared network resources. To make a backup task with this plug-in, please follow the sequence of actions described below.

  1. Open Handy Backup and create a new task by a “New” button or a “New task…” menu item.
  2. On the Step 1, select a backup task. Click “Next” to continue.
  3. Go to the Step 2 and open a group “Local or Network Drives” on the left panel.

Open “Local or Network Drives” Group

  1. Select the “Network” plug-in by double-clicking on it or by highlighting and clicking “>>”.
  2. You will see a list of available resources in a local network.

Select Network Data

  1. Navigate through a list. Select a resource you want to back up by marking a checkbox on it.

Caveat! Do not select an entire domain such as “WORKGROUP” or “Microsoft Network Service” for backing up! The program can (and will) backup all the resources on domain that you mark, which will almost every time ends up with a data redundancy and storage overflow!

  1. When done, click OK. Return to the Step 2 window and click “Next” to continue.
  2. Create all other aspects of a task according to the User Manual. These steps are not specific for network backup.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017. 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

The Standard edition provides the “Network” plug-in to access resources on a local network, as well as some other functions such as FTP and cloud backup. Free 30-days trial version!

Business Network Backup

For business-level purposes, Handy Backup provides the two network-oriented solutions:

Handy Backup Network

Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017. 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 349 USD per license.

Handy Backup for Workstations

An advanced solution for backing up user-level data from a small office or other bunch of business-oriented computers (for example, from a department of a company). Backs up files, libraries, drive images, ODBC-driven databases and other data through a network.

Handy Backup Server Network

Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017. 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 569 USD per license.

Handy Backup Server Network

Edition capable to drive network backup from many servers and workstations in a local network, can save backups from different types of databases, virtual machines, data servers, private and commercial clouds, websites etc. – all controlled from just one master console!

Key Feature of Editions for Network Data Backup

Compared to single-machine editions, network utilities from Handy Backup have a feature of selecting a computer in a network where these solutions implement a selected plug-in for backup, restoration or synchronization. You will see a drop-down list of machines at the upper-left corner.

Select Computer in a Network

Types of Machines for Network Backup

Network editions of Handy Backup support the two types of remote computers: workstations and servers.

  • Workstations contain user-level data such as files, folders, libraries and disk images, as well as local databases or, sometimes, FTP servers. A Workstation Network Agent, connecting a workstation to a main management panel, is a feature for both network backup solutions.
  • Servers can contain both user-level data described above and specific server data such as SQL databases, VMs and VM arrays, private clouds etc. A Server Network Agent is a feature supported only by the Server Network edition, and it cost a bit more than Workstation Agents.

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.9.7, built on 23 November, 2017
65.7 MB

The product line of Handy Backup provides effective network backup solutions for all purposes and needs of users.
Try it by downloading a 30-day free trial version of Handy Backup with a full set of data, control and network features!


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