What is Oracle RMAN

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The RMAN (Recovery Manager) backup program appeared first in Oracle 8 and changed by some minor revisions in version 9 and later. RMAN backup instrument is universal, multi-platform software performing all backing up and restoring operations of Oracle databases.

RMAN backup feature uses its own script language, and, compared to more traditional backup programs, RMAN maintains some own system of terms and methods of work. From version to version, the syntax of script language become a bit simpler and in OEM versions 9 and later, a limited possibility to operate RMAN without knowledge of script language syntax was included.

Basic Capabilities Of Oracle RMAN Backup

Oracle RMAN backup feature contains all the traditional basic backup functions, so it can:

  • Perform full, incremental and differential backup;
  • Perform cold or hot backup, in later case tables do not turn into backup mode, effectively lowering the consumption of system resources and time;
  • Input and output data simultaneously;
  • Backup entire DB engine;
  • Create scripts and automatize backup and restoration tasks;
  • Log all the activity performed.

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