Windows Home Server 2011 Backup Software

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Windows Home Server 2011 backup is truly one of the most useful type program solutions for home networks. Starting from the version 7, Handy Backup is probably the most powerful among those solutions.

Download Handy Backup

Version 7.9.10, built on 16 February, 2018
65.7 MB

Indeed, Microsoft’s original Windows Home Server was rather crude: it had limited hardware support, no 64-bit version, and weak built-in capabilities beyond file and app storage.

And along came the updates of the version 2011. But those didn’t resolve all the problems. E.g. Windows Home Server 2011 is 64-bit only. The usage of 64-bit addressing lets one add more than 4GB of RAM, but makes the updating from previous versions rather difficult.

Another example of a feature that Microsoft dropped out from WHS 2011 is the Drive Extender (a feature that simplifies the tasks of adding and pooling hard drives). However, probably of the main flaws of the platform is the fact that it still has rather poor inner means of backing up data.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Small Server

Version 7.9.10, built on 16 February, 2018. 65.7 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 249 USD per license.

Handy Backup Small Server

Professional software for WHS 2011 backup and recovery! Free to download, ridiculously awesome to use! Try Handy Backup - leader among server backup solutions for small business.

Windows Home Server 2011 Backup Strategy with Third-Party Solutions

Backup software for Windows Home Server 2011 is not represented by a great amount of software solutions (because of 64-bit platform incompatibility and other issues). Starting from the version 7, the featured software offers you a fully 64-bit compatible and powerful backup functionality.

The general backup strategy of Windows Home Server with the presented software is commonly recognized for stability and functional power. The same things hold for Windows Home Server 2011 back up as well. This strategy basically includes two steps:

  • Handy Backup server for network at home installation.
  • Backup/restore task initiation (arrangement of backup schedules, Windows service mode settings, etc.).

The storage options are WHS backup to NAS backup server along with backup to FTP, SFTP, or FTPS server. Plus all the popular media (local and network HDs, optical carriers, etc.).

How to Back up Server Data

Two basic principles of data copying which are applicable to Windows Home Server 2011 backup:

  • The “Set and Forget” principle prescribes to arrange a schedule for server backups and use the Windows service mode (to have the backing up process turned on even if no user is logged in).
  • The “Baskets and Eggs” principle says that storing important data in several places in order to minimize possibilities of data loss risks is a good idea.

The good news: both principles are implemented in the software you are reading about now.

Windows Home Server 2011 backup demands professional approach from the software side and user comfort from the user side. Get the latest Handy Backup to get both!

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