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FTP client for backup must be simple for daily use, reliable for network operations and durable for hard work with backup tasks. Among other FTP clients able to perform backing up Handy Backup provides user with all three criteria at the highest standards of industry.

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Handy Backup is designed at first hand as the powerful backup utility. But its capabilities are allowing using it for some other purposes such as:

  • Using FTP backup utility for copying, mirroring or synchronizing data, both local and remote;
  • Backing up website content through FTP connection;
  • Working as FTP client for uploading or downloading user-defined folders and files;
  • Sharing information using Handy Backup as the client FTP program.

Advantages of Handy Backup as FTP Software

Using Handy Backup as FTP client you get an access for all the functions of this program.

Two-Way FTP Client Exchange

Handy Backup can be used as FTP backup software by two ways: it can store data backed up to FTP or use FTP as the data source, placing the copied information from FTP servers to some other places (include different FTPs).

Organizing and Automating Data Transfer

Handy Backup can schedule FTP-based tasks for current running time, or run these tasks in a cycle with defined intervals starting from minutes and ending up with months. It allows full, incremental or differential backups, saving a lot of space if data backed up are constantly changes. Encryption and compression of data also can be automated.

Saving Data in Their Native Format

As Handy Backup stores all backup data in their native formats, requiring no restoration or decoding backup files (except these files are encrypted), it can be used as highly automated FTP client software, i.e. not for backing up only but for uploading and synchronizing data through different FTP servers.

Exchanging Information between FTP Servers and Other Storage Media

With Handy Backup, it is a simple task to download all website or working FTP service folder to any other media, e.g. USB pen drive, network-attached storage or cloud service. Now the webmaster, system administrator or FTP user can fully automatize such operations as grabbing FTP content to home or uploading local directories to FTP.

Using Data Clouds for Off-Site Storage


Data backed up from your FTP server (e.g. website content) can be securely stored on one of different commercial or private clouds.

  • For example, you may use Yandex.Disk with 10 Gb of completely free storage (Handy Backup also provides the dedicated utility to back up data on Yandex.Disk cloud).
  • Using WebDAV interface, you can get an access for any commercial cloud supporting this protocol, e.g. Dropbox.
  • Alternatively, you can register an account on popular Amazon S3 service and use its storage resources for backing up data to Amazon S3.

You can explore the power of Handy Backup as the automated FTP client absolutely freely, downloading a copy of the program for the 30-days trial.


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