Copy Entire Website with Database

How to copy complete website with database content along with other website static and dynamic data? The best solution is to use some dedicated software allowing doing it automatically. Handy Backup is a good example of such entire website backup solution.

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Copy Entire Website with Database

How to Copy Website with Database: Trivia

You can copy complete website with database only with internal website backup, when you have access to the site’s contents, e.g. via an FTP protocol. Website backup includes the two steps:


At first, make a backup copy of the entire site with all its content, graphics and other data. You can do it just by copying files from a corresponding web server via FTP.


Secondly, create a database backup to your hard drive. Here, simply copying database component files is not enough; to perform it, you need special database backup software (for example, Handy Backup).

List of Supported Databases:

Database backup plug-ins

Database backup plug-ins: MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and any ODBC-driven DBMS

Advantages of Handy Backup for Copying Complete Website with Database

Copy Complete Website Database of Any Type

Copy Complete Website Database of Any Type

Regardless of what DBMS you have running for your website (for example, PostgreSQL, MySQL or MS SQL Server), Handy Backup always have a plug-in to copy the entire website with database. It is also true for static data, as program allows SFTP and FTPS connections as well as direct network links.

Auto Running by Schedule

Auto Running by Schedule

You can set up a starting time for making website database and static data backups, as well as an interval from minutes to months to repeat backup actions. In addition, you can use an advanced option of triggering a task by some system event (for example, when plugging USB storage into a server).

Big Selection of Storage Types

Big Selection of Storage Types

With Handy Backup, you can use either local or online backup storage, including local and network drives, FTP servers, S3- and WebDAV-connected clouds, commercial cloud services such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, OneDrive (OneDrive for Business) or Box, or even other network machines!

Professional Software for Backup to Clouds & Other Storages

+ External and Local HDD, WebDAV, USB, Network

Customer Testimonials

Review About Copy Entire Website with Database by Handy Backup

"When I have a need to download database from website and make some backups, Handy Backup always helps me. It is simple to set up, quick in use and completely efficient for any types of backup job. It literally manages my backups with logic and grace, and I am very glad having such tool in my webmaster toolkit!"

Arwindt Shoesmuller, a website administrator

Review About Copy Entire Website with Database by Handy Backup

"This software makes it so incredibly easy for me to create backups of my users systems and emails before doing a migration. With a couple of clicks, I can select exactly what I want to back up and set it to run. I love that I do not have to babysit it while it runs. This was by far the best software I found for making local backups of webmail accounts for my clients before migrating email providers."

Eric L., a computer security specialist

How to Copy Complete Website with Database Using Handy Backup?

To download website database, create a new backup task. Then select a static data plug-in (FTP or other) to connect to website server, and add static data to a backup list. To copy complete website database, select an appropriate database plug-in and select website dynamic data to backup.

Manual How to Copy Website with Database

To learn more about using Handy Backup as website backup software, please read the dedicated article, which explains how to download database from website servers and other DBMS instances. You can always find additional information about making automatic backups in the User Manual.

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