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Note: XML-based plug-ins are temporarily unavailable in the latest version, Handy Backup 8.2.3 (released on March 29, 2021). We are planning to add this feature in several weeks - and if you need it right now, we recommend that you use version 6.9.7 instead.

Download version 6.9.7

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Skype is one of the most popular IP telephony, video conferencing and instant messaging software that offers free calls between users. It is cross-platform and is available for both Windows, Mac OS and Linux systems. The new Skype Backup plug-in was designed to back up Skype data, through the use of the common Handy Backup GUI.

Program versions: tested with Skype 3.8 and 4.0

Will be backed up: user preferences, message and call history, contacts, passwords, plugins

Author: Handy Backup team

Release Date: August 07, 2009

Download Skype Backup plug-in - ZIP file, 467 bytes

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How to Back up Skype with Handy Backup

There are several important aspects of the implementation of the Skype Backup plug-in that you need to keep in mind for successful backup and restore:

  • In order to back up/restore Skype data, the program’s user interface must be closed and the process itself must be killed.
  • In order to back up Skype plugins, its Plugin Manager (process name skypePM.exe) must not run.
  • To restore Skype plugins, make sure that Plugin Manager has been run at least once on your system (important if you want to restore data above a freshly installed Skype).
  • Skype’s Protectedstorage is encrypted with a key that is interlinked with local machine and local user settings, so it can’t be read and restored to a different PC or under a different user account.

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