Windows 10 Technical Preview: What Our Future Will Be Like?

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Windows 10 technical preview starts hot discussions among specialists and users throughout the Internet. It seems to be true that Microsoft has ensured the course for total unification and integration of different device types under the rule of just one OS.

Which features of Windows 10 operating system seems crucial to users, according to Windows 10 preview? Some questions and opinions about these features will be described in this article, based on different tests and reviews of Windows 10 beta.

…And One OS to Rule Them All

The greatest of news is the widest spectrum of devices for which Windows 10 is designed. Smartphones and tablets, laptops and desktops, home theaters and business hubs, graphic workstations and database servers: Windows 10 tech preview shows it is completely for all traditional computer types.

However, wait: this is not the end of the list! According to some news, Windows 10 can be also run for such devices as television panels, industrial-type controller cards and boards, automated home utensils and any other device eligible for modern Microsoft’s “Internet for Things” philosophy!

Universal Windows Apps

Universal Windows Apps

The next thing linked to the previous feature is supporting of Universal Apps, developed and executed under the modern Visual Studio universal environment. These Universal Apps executes under any edition of Windows 10 operating system, regardless of device using it.

For bigger devices such as desktops and laptops, Universal Apps can be started in separate window, as well as any standard Windows application. It is not necessary to provide it with an entire screen, which can be a problem with mobile-oriented apps in older Windows versions.

Refined User Interface

After some (negative?) experience with mobile-like interface of Windows 8, Windows 10 technical preview shows a traditional Windows-style “Start” button under a logo. It is a sort of things where a bit of conservative approach can be a sign of good taste, isn’t it?

User can also switch between tasks with much more comfort, using an advanced “Snap” option showing up to four apps running simultaneously, or choosing different job environments on some virtual desktops, changing the current set of active tools in a Linux style.

Something New About Multi-Tasking


Windows 10 technical preview demonstrates such multi-tasking tools as Task View button, located on the desktop and allowing showing all active tasks without starting a sort of classical Task Manager, and the Action Center option, notifying user about all significant actions.

These are some other multitasking features in Windows 10 preview. For example, it is a key shortcut combo allowing moving an active task between multiple monitors connected to a device under the Windows 10 operating system.

Attention to Corporate Needs

According to the documentation describing Windows 10 technical preview, the Windows 10 beta edition contains the instrument of deep separation between personal user data and business-level information, providing a new level of internal security.

Important data can be automatically synchronized between the local device and the One Drive account, allowing corporate user or casual traveler to get access for selected data from anywhere. No special app is used for synchronization; File Manager grants an access to One Drive.

The Windows 10 release (in the status of technical preview) is currently available for downloading and installing from the Microsoft official product site.

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