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VSS Backup

Volume Shadow Copy backup software is a technology utilizing the VSS Windows service that allows you to make backup copies or snapshots of data on a specific volume, even if the data is locked. Starting from the 7th version, Handy Backup uses VSS perfectly well.

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Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019
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Volume Shadow Copy backup allows hot backup, e.g. saving copies of data or even whole storage devices already opened, locked, blocked or actively used by any other software and for any other purposes, without a need for stopping these processes. It saves time and efforts, and can eliminate a significant part of human errors as well.

What is Windows VSS Backup?

What is Volume Shadow Copy

VSS (Volume Shadow Copy) is a standard Windows technology allowing reading files already opened. In Handy Backup, the implementation of VSS shadow copy allows "hot" backup, e.g. copying data actively used by other software without stopping it.

VSS Software Technologies

The VSS technology utilizes the NTFS file system. It is available in all modern Windows versions including Windows 10, 7, Windows Server 2016, 2012 and 2008, operating primarily with backup tasks, especially with those that copy entire volumes without stopping other data jobs. This technology is a mainstay of Windows data accessing for locked files.

Handy Backup as VSS Backup Software

All new technologies of Handy Backup use volume shadow copy solutions always when it is possible. These technologies are especially efficient for server-type data, such as drive images, databases and virtual machines.

  • Handy Backup utilizes VSS for backing up some databases, such as MS SQL and MS Exchange Server, as well as for operating with Oracle RMAN.

  • In other hand, "hot" backup of typical user data, such as folders and files (including data opened by applications), can be very comfortable for users, too.
Selecting MSSQL Backup in Handy Backup

No extra efforts or actions required for using Handy Backup as shadow copy backup software. The program automatically implements these technologies every time when it is possible. To stay with more traditional "cold" backup, just stop working with data you are planning to save; then Handy Backup will process this data as common files or folders.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Professional

Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019 . 104 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 89 USD per license.

Handy Backup Professional

Volume Shadow Copy backup brings Professional and higher editions the power of hot image backup: no more logging off Windows to back up the whole system or even the entire hard drive! Free 30-days trial version!

Implementing VSS Backup Service for Hot Backup

Implementing VSS for Hot Backup

One of the most popular reasons to go for a Volume Shadow Copy backup software solution is getting the advantage of "hot" backup. Shortly, the term "hot backup" means copying data already opened and processed by other software.

  • As an example, let us describe the "hot" MS SQL Server backup. Because getting the database off-line, stopping the service, and hence losing time is something we don’t like and our company is not really happy about (since making things quick is out business attitude).
  • Another example is taking a VSS full backup for an entire system drive. Stopping the system for backup can be too distracting, too boring or even too unsafe for many users, so they can just reject backing up their systems. "Hot" backup removes these troubles!

How to Back up Locked and Blocked Files

If you ever tried to copy files locked or blocked by an application files, you would have a chance to see an error message like "The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file". In a situation like that, the VSS service for backup is exactly what you need.

For flawless copying of locked files, you only need to verify that these services are enabled:

  • Volume Shadow Copy
  • Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider
Back up Locked and Blocked Files

Using Handy Backup as your Volume Shadow copy backup solution, you can effectively make snapshots of your information without stopping processing it when backing it up.

VSS Service for Backup

The featured software has a history of being an effective tool for VSS Copy backup of specific data types (several previous versions allowed making VSS backup of MS Exchange 2010 actual databases instead of the entire volume they are stored to).

Handy Backup 7 brought the power of VSS backup for all types of data. Volume shadow copy backup software is the right choice if you want to protect data on the fly. Try the hot feature of hot backup with the market’s finest solution!

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Version 8.0.4, built on 10 Jule, 2019
104 MB


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