Backup Server Types: Physical Servers and Virtual Servers

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Servers are computers dedicated for storage and operations with data through any type of network.

  • A typical server is a network-attached computer using some specialized server hardware, with a lot of data storage space and some data-processing capabilities. These dedicated machines often called physical servers.
  • Sometime a server-like virtual machine may be configured using some software means. These servers do not exist anywhere except the memory and processes of host computer, but acts like physical servers by any other means; these virtual machines called virtual servers.

Both types of servers are built and equipped for fast processing a large amount of data, especially databases and network content such as multimedia and HTML pages, organizing an exchange of these data through local network, private network or Internet.

This heavy load and a relatively high risk of attacking server data raise a question of safety for all the information stored on a server of any type. Regular server backup actions can greatly reduce an affect caused by these perils.

Backing Up Servers

Backup process to backup server is often called Offsite server backup or Internet backup. Server backup often takes a lot of storage space on a device designed as a receiver for transferred data.

Backing up or restoring server data for both physical servers and virtual servers may be achieved through using specialized server backup software.

Processes of backup, restoration and synchronizing data are almost identical regardless of server type, except virtual machines may require some steps for proper setup to access the content stored on these machines.

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