Zoolz Cloud Backup Storage

Zoolz Cloud Storage Backup

Zoolz backup is a mighty and somewhat exotic cloud storage backup. A typical Zoolz backup plan for now includes one TB cloud space, divided evenly between 500 GB of a common Dropbox-type cloud and another 500 GB of archival cloud storage like Amazon Glacier. Here is the short Zoolz backup review.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Tools

Zoolz backup includes drive, folder and file levels of source data. It supports 256-bit AES encryption for both transferring and storing, file versioning with up to 10 versions per file, and using mapped and external drives as sources. No special features, like folder sync or offline backup, are exist.

Zoolz Business Backup

This extended set of options includes some features not provided by Zoolz itself, like offline backup or file sharing like Dropbox cloud. Still, some features like Zoolz Exchange backup do not exist even in the business edition, requiring bridge software operation to achieve convenient results.

OS Limitations

Zoolz server backup app supports only Windows and Mac OS X, as well as iOS and Android – no applications for Linux of *nix-like systems even available. In addition, there is no 64-bit version of Zoolz existing, limiting any backup operations with a 32-bit application.

Zoolz Cloud Storage Backup Method

The primary method of storing data copies is Zoolz incremental backup. After the initial full backup of a dataset, Zoolz stores only newer copies of different files and folders than those already existing. This approach allows significantly decreasing the overall backup time and storage cost.

Zoolz Cloud Backup Review Summary

The Zoolz backup service can be a reliable vault for data copies, although the software lacks many principal features of good cloud backup software. Still, we can hope that these features, like Zoolz NAS backup, file synchronizing and differential backup for databases, will appear in next revisions.

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