Remote Backup Software: Backup to Remote FTP Server

Remote backup suggests that copies of important data are stored on remote computers. Backups stored remotely are more reliable than backups stored on removable media, because the latter are rarely kept far from the main computer. And if you back up files to a remote FTP server, then even if your computer burns down with the entire office, you will be able to restore them easily and error free.

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Version 7.9.4, built on 13 September, 2017
66.1 MB

Handy Backup is a remote backup software that supports backing up to network folders, as well as FTP and SFTP servers. Besides that, there is an additional option of Online Backup which is, basically, a kind of a preset for storing data to Novosoft Remote Backup Service.

Remote Backup Software

Handy Backup provides a variety of features that can make your remote backups especially effective:

  • Backup Filtering. All data that you select for backup can be filtered through appropriate file masks, so you can back up photos, music files, etc. By backing up files that you need only, you minimize time online and network storage space required for backup.
  • Incremental Backup. This option lets you not repeat copying of all files and folders with each task execution, but back up only new or modified data. Incremental FTP backup also greatly reduces the time required to transfer backup to remote server.
  • Backup Compression. And yet another option very useful for remote backup, ZIP backup compression lets you reduce the very size backup, without optimizing contents.
  • Task Scheduling. Handy Backup allows you to schedule backup tasks so they are executed automatically each day, week, or whatever period you like.

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 7.9.4, built on 13 September, 2017. 66.1 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

To remote backup you need any edition starting with Handy Backup Standard. If you want to back up to SFTP or FTPS, then you need Professional or higher.

Remote Backup Service

In addition to network and FTP backup, Handy Backup also features support for Novosoft Remote Backup Service. Monitored by professional engineers 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, our remote backup service provides high level of reliability and security of data of our users.

To try our Online Storage you only need to install Handy Backup and run one of the predefined tasks - the service is completely integrated into the program.

Handy Backup - reliable remote backup software for any Windows computer!


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    Handy Backup Standard

    $39 per license

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    1 license$39 per unit
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    10-49 licenses$31 per unit

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    Remote Backup Features

    Filter Backup - flexible filtering engine lets you back up files of specific types only

    Incremental FTP Backup - optimize your FTP backup jobs by backing up increments only

    Backup Scheduling - all backups can run absolutely automatically, not disturbing you from other tasks

    ZIP Backup - back up with compression, to make your backups occupy less storage space

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