Offsite Backup Software Solution for Remote Data Backup

Offsite backup software streamlines the process of transferring vital data duplicates to remote storage solutions, such as network drives, NAS devices, FTP servers, or renowned cloud services like OneDrive and Dropbox. Handy Backup emerges as a top-tier offsite backup solution, boasting a plethora of plugins tailored to accommodate diverse online data storage requirements.

Looking to safeguard your critical data with ease and efficiency? Experience the power of Handy Backup's remote server backup feature today! Download our free 30-day trial version and discover how effortless it can be to protect your valuable information remotely.

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Offsite Backup Software: Remote Server Backup Solution

Drawbacks of Remote Backup

Alongside the previously mentioned advantages, offsite backup presents its own set of drawbacks. Below, we delineate the most notable and prevalent challenges linked to online data storage.

  • Backup and recovery performance depend on the available bandwidth and the quality of network services.
  • The cost per storage unit (e.g., per GB) is often significantly higher compared to local backup solutions.
  • There is a continual risk of potential interception of your backup data through network traffic monitoring.
  • Some offsite backup storage services may engage in unethical practices, posing a risk of data theft.
Disadvantages of Offsite Backup

Robust offsite backup software, such as Handy Backup, can mitigate or even eliminate several of these risks. For deeper insights into how Handy Backup accomplishes this, please consult the following sections.

Remote Backup Software Plug-ins

When it comes to remote backup, you have the flexibility to utilize nearly any storage plug-in, including the Computer plug-in in the Server Network solution. The previous table outlines the types of storage that can serve as remote backup solutions. Simply utilize a Handy Backup plug-in to establish a connection to offsite backup storage and create a backup task!

Customer Feedback on Handy Backup Offsite Backup Software

Review About Remote Backup Software by Handy Backup

"I use offsite backup to my local WebDAV cloud, as well as to Dropbox. Handy Backup organizes all my data copying actions, and I have no problems with it. If I need, I can always tune up the task parameters to meet my changing requirements. It is easy and clean; all task still work through several months and years. Very good job! "

Further Advantages of Handy Backup as Off Site Backup Software

As a comprehensive offsite data backup software solution, Handy Backup offers several crucial advantages, fulfilling the capabilities described above and providing even more for users in need of an offsite backup software solution!

  • Storing data offsite in native formats, enabling direct use of this data from storage;
  • Scheduling tasks to run at specific times or intervals ranging from minutes to months;
  • Selecting from various backup methods (full, incremental, differential, and mixed backups);
  • Preserving offsite backup data as different versions of the same dataset;
  • Automatically resuming tasks missed due to issues such as network problems, if needed;
  • Executing other (external) software before or after a backup task;
  • Access to technical support for assistance in setting up and maintaining any remote backup tasks.
Automatic Offsite Backup

These advantages, combined with numerous standard features such as data compression, encryption, and the ability to run all offsite backup software operations in a "stealthy" mode (as a Windows service), make Handy Backup an exceptionally capable solution for managing offsite backup data.

Use Cases for Remote Backup

Why is offsite backup important to you? There are various scenarios for implementing offsite backup solutions. Here is a brief list of the most common types of tasks of such nature.

  • Shared Data: Offsite backup enables access to these data by any individual from any location.
  • Vital Information: Utilizing off-site backup techniques safeguards it from local hazards.
  • Distributing Datasets: Sometimes, "backup" simply entails sending data online to other users.
  • Large Databases: It's common practice to store backups for mirrored databases offsite.
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Version 8.5.5 , built on July 19, 2024. 116 MB
30-day full-featured trial period

Try Handy Backup as all-purpose offsite backup software! Download now the latest version with a full set of plug-ins and functions for a 30-day free trial period!

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