Backup to Blu-ray

Backing up to Blu-ray

As affordability of burning devices increases, the software that can exploit them and backup data to Blu-ray becomes more and more attractive. Blu-rays may consist of up to 16 layers containing 25 GB each. Since each such layer is six times more capacious than layers used in DVDs, Blu-rays appear to be perfect media to store data on.

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Practically, using Blu-rays for backup may be even more convenient than backing up online and the popularity of this method continues to grow with each day. Handy Backup features an integrated disc burning module that allows backing up to Blu-ray any amount of user data.

Benefits of Backing up to Blu-ray

Recording backups to Blu-ray disks with Handy Backup is easy for users of any computer expertise. All tasks are created with the help of a comprehensible Task Wizard which guides through all steps. Here are main features related to backing up to Blu-ray:

  • Disc spanning. If a single disc is not enough to fit all important data (e.g. when you are creating a complete disk image backup), Handy Backup splits the information across several media. All you need is to change the disc when you are prompted to do so.

  • Blu-ray backup verification. To ensure that files are properly secured, Handy Backup has an option to verify data recorded to Blu-ray, stored to CD, or backed up to DVD.
  • Scheduling. You can make backups automatic, started on any schedule convenient. Since a single Blu-ray is usually enough for most backups, you don’t have to replace it with a new disc as often as in case of using CD/DVD.
Scheduling backup

Recommended Solution

Handy Backup Standard

Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020. 106 MB
Backup Software from Novosoft LLC. 39 USD per license.

Handy Backup Standard

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Storing backup to Blu-ray is more profitable in terms of time and costs than to multiple CD/DVD discs, or even backup to NAS. It is also safer to store and to transport, as backup on a Blu-Ray is less subject to damage than one on a pack of CD or DVD disks.

Download Handy Backup

Version 8.1.2, built on 21 February 2020
106 MB

Back up your valuable files to Blu-ray discs easily, quickly and reliably!

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